Our Son Richard and Granddaughters Azure and Emeline

Last Day of their Visit at the Grandparents

Today was a rainy day and was ideal to do some indoor activities. I was very eager to make a video recording of Azure practicing her violin. Also, I always wanted to read to Azure from the French children’s book ‘Le Petit Nicolas’. We were fortunate this morning that we found Azure completely cooperative. I admit though that I made use of a little bribery by offering a piece of chocolate as a reward. When she was done with the performance she was so proud of her success that she almost forgot to collect her prize. In the afternoon there was a little break in the weather and we went down to the beach to give the kids a chance to catch some fresh air and play in the sand.

The time went so fast. Tomorrow morning Richard and his sweet little daughters are heading back to Kelowna to catch the plane back to Montreal. We are a little sad, but there will always be a next, God willing.


2 thoughts on “Our Son Richard and Granddaughters Azure and Emeline

  1. Ihr Lieben! Die schöne Zeit bei euch werden Richard und die süssen Mädchen sicher nie vergessen.Wir haben jeden Tag mitverfolgt!😄😉 Seid nicht traurig-freut euch auf das nächste Wiedersehen.Und grüsst die drei Lieben nochmal von uns,auch wenn wir uns nicht persönlich kennen! Bine,Mia und Felix,der gestern kam um seine Frauen wieder abzuholen,fahren heute nach dem Frühstück auch .Schade-es war so toll,sie wieder mal bei uns zu haben-und zur Taufe und erstem Geburtstag von Mia sehen wir alle ja wieder! Seid herzlich gegrüsst von uns! Edda

    Von meinem iPhone gesendet



  2. Well done little Azure…what a promising start to violin playing…and learning notes on flash cards! A lovely video. You have excellent French Peter. Sadly all good things come to an end…as you say next time. Methinks you all had a very magical time. Take care Both.


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