Natural Splendour of the Arrow Lakes

Wednesday’s Photos

Bud Development Study Ends With Today’s Post

After weeks of slow budding of the four bushes under investigation, I can report a veritable explosion in the growth development. Nature has finally woken up and although a whole month late Spring has sprung. The photos of the final week showed more growth than the combined development of the previous five. The magnolia bush is clearly the winner showing off its magnificent splendour. The lilac came in second. I expect the rose bush to burst into full bloom in another two weeks, and poor little azalea sitting in a shaded and cool area of our yard will be last. I found this study quite interesting and so did you following me. My plan is to repeat the study with four other flowering shrubs in 2021.


Rose                                          Lilac                                Magnolia                                    Azalia

Bonus Photo

“Should we risk going into Peter’s garden?




Natural Splendour of the Arrow Lakes

Wednesday’s Photos

The buds are finally waking up. Week 5

A heavy rain and mild temperatures were the start signal for the buds to grow. I am especially impressed with the magnolia flower for finally showing its splendid colour. The only plant having to be content with less light and a cooler microclimate and therefore far behind the other buds is the azalea. Next week I will conclude this mini-study on the budding development of four of our backyard plants. The cherry trees are now in full bloom and show off their brilliant bridal garments. Enjoy.

April Week 1 TextApril week 2 TextWeek 3week 4week 5

Bonus Photo: A Violet from our BackyardvioletS



Natural Splendour of the Arrow Lakes

Wednesday’s Photos

The Slow but Steady Budding Process – Week 4

With daytime temperatures rarely going above 10 degrees C and continuing chilly nights, it is not surprising that my studies show an unusually slow progress in the development of the four plants: rose, lilac, magnolia and azalea . I am waiting for the magnolia flower to show its beauty before ending my studies. So we will go for another week or two. Our cherry tree is still holding back and is reluctant to display her bridal dress, which normally would be on display in the middle of April.  As a bonus photo, I will publish a photo of our lake and the local mountain with tons of snow on it still visible. Enjoy.

Bonus Photo

Ingarsol Mountain

Natural Splendour of the Arrow Lakes

Wednesday’s Photos

Week 3 of Bud Development Study

It is with great regret that spring in our area has so far been coolish during the days and downright chilly during the nights. Consequently, our flowers have been especially slow in showing off their colours. Normally, our cherry trees would be showing off their splendidly shining spring dresses. Yet, their buds are not even swelling yet. My apologies to all my faithful followers that there was not much change in the bud development! Today was the first warm day, and I was able to transplant my lettuce seedlings in our raised garden beds. This was the first day that I was working  outdoors with my coat off. If the weather continues like this. the buds will finally burst open in week 4. Enjoy.

April Week 1 TextApril week 2 Text

Week 3

Rose                                             Lilac                                       Magnolia                                    Azalia

Bonus Video

One of our sons living in Victoria, BC sent me a video that he recorded in his backyard with a crow producing some strange noises I had never heard before. Perhaps some of you specialists of the animal kingdom can tell me, what this mysterious call is all about.


Splendour of the Arrow Lakes

Wednesday’s Photos

Week 2 of Bud Development Study

As one can clearly see, there has not been much change during the past week. The main reason for this slow development is that the night temperatures were still dipping below the freezing point and most days were sunny but very cool. It seems to me that nature does not follow the human calendar, but rather takes clues from her environment, such as temperatures, length of the day time, perhaps even the angle of the sun. I am looking forward to some significant progress next week.

April Week 1 Text

April week 2 Text

Rose                                             Lilac                                       Magnolia                                    Azalia

Bonus Photo: The First Crocus


I hope you all had an enjoyable and worry-free Easter Weekend.



Natural Splendour of the Arrow Lakes

October Flowers in our Yard

A very late Spring with a lot of cool and rainy weeks had caused nature to get a slow start. Consequently, our fruit trees blossomed four weeks late. There are still Grafenstein and Red Delicious apples that need to be picked, almost an entire month behind schedule. It is also very unusual in our region not to have experienced any frost during the night so late in the season. Thus, being such a special fall, I decided to focus on the many flowers still blooming in our yard. I know that Luda, a blogging friend living in Florida, will be smiling about my enthusiasm coming from the northern climes. Down there seem to be flowers all year round. But all those who have already struggled with snow on the mountain passes will be amazed at mother nature’s beauty down in the Arrow Lakes valley. Please excuse me for breaking my five-photo-rule. Enjoy.

















Ornamental Sunflower