Natural Splendour of the Arrow Lakes

Wednesday’s Photos

The buds are finally waking up. Week 5

A heavy rain and mild temperatures were the start signal for the buds to grow. I am especially impressed with the magnolia flower for finally showing its splendid colour. The only plant having to be content with less light and a cooler microclimate and therefore far behind the other buds is the azalea. Next week I will conclude this mini-study on the budding development of four of our backyard plants. The cherry trees are now in full bloom and show off their brilliant bridal garments. Enjoy.

April Week 1 TextApril week 2 TextWeek 3week 4week 5

Bonus Photo: A Violet from our BackyardvioletS



17 thoughts on “Natural Splendour of the Arrow Lakes

  1. Yes, the violets are flowering, here as well, now I consider it spring!
    You have one of those rare red magnolias? Wow, they are quite spectacular!

    Not much development with my rhododendrons, it is a bit weird. My azaleas are also very sulky this year. We had 11 degrees plus today with a strong wind, brrrr.

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  2. Hello Peter.

    Lovely flower photos. We had azaleas in our Small garden in 1992-2003. At those days we live on the countryside. I have few garden posts. Thank you showing us these wonderful photos.

    Have a good day!

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