Fauquier Webcam is Up and Running Again

New Life for the Fauquier Webcam Operation

Contributed by Stefan Klopp

Last night I relaunched the fauquiercam.com webcam after just over a year of downtime. The previous computer we used was noisy, and the direction of the camera wasn’t that exciting. Today I migrated all the software running on the old noisy computer to a new micro computer called a Raspberry Pi (you can find more information on Raspberry Pi here: https://www.raspberrypi.org/help/what-is-a-raspberry-pi/). Also with the help of a couple of Wi-Fi range extenders we were able to move the whole operation from the front of the house to the cabin in the backyard. I hope this new view will be a little more exciting, especially when we build timelapses to watch the garden grow. We may even get to see the occasional bit of wildlife and I don’t mean Peter or Gertrud!

The very first Picture of our Garden taken by the Webcam last Night
The very first Picture of our Garden taken by the Webcam last Night

One Reply to “Fauquier Webcam is Up and Running Again”

  1. Exciting technology to record exciting wildlife…what a great idea. Hope the webcam lens is kept good and busy,recording. Good luck with the renewed webcam operation!!


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