Our Yard and Garden in the first Week of Summer

Photo Gallery to Mark the Beginning of Summer

Please note that this post will be the last one, until I resume my work in September. I would like to thank all my followers for their valuable input, most encouraging comments and likes during the first six months of my blog’s existence. For any newcomer dropping in there is a lot of viewing and reading material during the summer break. See you all back in the fall!


  1. stillsearching2 · June 25, 2015

    Are those cherries I see? Lucky you! I hope you have a wonderful summer. Enjoy your garden season.


    • Peter Klopp · June 25, 2015

      These are cherries indeed. Because of consistently summer-like we about two weeks ahead in the growing season. Have a nice summer, enjoy it with your family! Hope to see you in the fall.


  2. Klaus-Dieter Barge · June 26, 2015

    Lieber Peter,liebe Biene! Wir wünschen euch eine wunderschöne erholsame Zeit.Danke für die vielen interessanten Blogs und Einblicke in eurer Leben 😊! Bleibt gesund und munter! Alles Liebe!Und bis September zur neuen Schaffensphase!😊😉😉😉 Edda und Dieter

    Von meinem iPhone gesendet



  3. krysiakorsak · July 2, 2015

    What beautiful, stunning pictures. It looks like a veritable paradise! Thank you for sharing and a very Happy Midsummer to you all. Enjoy your wee break, take good care! 🙂

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  4. Helmuth · October 12, 2015

    Hallo Peter u. Gertrud Danke Fuer die wunderbaren Geschichten von euerm leben es macht spass u. freude die zu lessen u. die schoenen bilder auch wuensche euch u. da fam. ein gutes Thanksgiving euer freund Helmuth mit fam.


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