New Look for the Fall and Winter Season

Wheel of Serrated Petals

Taking a break from blogging during the summer gave me much-needed time to take stock and reflect on the progress of the Klopp family blog during the first six months of its existence. Having committed myself to a daily post turned out to be in retrospect like self-inflicted torture. Instead of writing seven posts per week, from now on I will only publish three. I also switched to the Lite Book theme, which appeals to me for its clean format, full-page width and no clutter at the header. The blog’s title  has also changed, so there will be no doubt in anybody’s mind which Klopp family this blog is all about.

Considering the fact that most individual contributions came from Germany I decided to expand the German page to include stories, reports, photo essays, poems, and much more. In exceptional cases I will still attempt to translate such submissions into English. But in general, if you see a post in German, it is intended for visitors fluent in German, and it will automatically reappear on the German page. These changes will add to the blog’s international flavor and enhance its bilingual character.

Next week I will publish a post about how Biene and I spent the summer, which actually isn’t over yet. So enjoy it, while it lasts.


9 thoughts on “New Look for the Fall and Winter Season

    • Thank you very much for your interest in my writing, stillsearching2! May I have your first name? That would make it easier to reply in the future. I am also looking forward to reading more about your family. You mentioned that there were a few black sheep in the family. We all have them. They add colour to our family research.

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      • There were a number of black sheep on my dad’s side of the family, mostly through marriage. I have been slow to write about them as I have noticed their family also does genealogy and I didn’t want to upset them, but I want to tell the story! I wonder if I should just use fictitious names for them?
        My name is Julie.


      • Julie, writing about friends and relatives could turn into a family feud, which I am sure you would want to avoid at all cost. If the black sheep are from the distant path, then you might want to give it a shot, especially when you are using fictitious names. As for my autobiography, I can afford to be brutally honest, but only because there is such a distance from my adolescent years. Now I say good night. It must be getting late in Ontario.

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      • I wonder if I should just password protect that post and only share it with certain people. It is a fascinating story that continues for generations. The past and not so distant past. Even though we don’t personally know these people, I would hate to make anyone feel bad. I do know they are working on their family history. Thanks!

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      • This is definitely a solution to your dilemma, Julie. Just make sure that you don’t send the password to anyone connected to the family. If your story covers quite a few generations that could turn into a long and arduous task, but it would be very well worth it. I would be very interested reading it. Take care!

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  1. I always wonder how can some people write everyday, the answer lies here 🙂
    With my full-time job, i publish once a week unless there is some sponsored content which has to be submitted by deadline.

    Have a great weekend!

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