Evening Ballad


Guest Contribution by Dieter and Edda Barge
Edda and her sister Anke having a Practice session

Edda and her sister Anke having a Practice session

This week our friends from Germany put a little surprise video into my Dropbox. It was originally intended as a special birthday greeting from Germany. My wife and I were so deeply touched by its beauty both musical and visual that I decided to post it on my blog with the contributor’s permission, of course. Abend Ballade means Evening Ballad. Its music was composed by Edda’s second youngest brother Andreas Trampenau, grandson of my uncle Bruno Kegler. Edda played the composition on her Kawai E-Piano and her husband presented the wonderful images of clouds in the form of a slide show further enhancing the festive mood.

Abendballade Blatt 1

First Page of the Composition ‘Abendballade’


Dieter and Edda Barge - raising their mugs to say 'Happy Birthday!'

Dieter and Edda Barge raising their mugs to say ‘Happy Birthday!

With this musical and visual treat I would like to wish you all a Blessed and Happy Easter. Please note ‘The P. and G. Klopp Story’ will continue with Chapter Twenty next weekend.

5 thoughts on “Evening Ballad

  1. Sehr Schoen…es ist net das ich das alles mit geniesen kann hier am pool mit einem glass bayrischen bier danke…am wochenende gehts wieder noertlich nach BC….bleibts xund…….Helmuth mit Fam.

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  2. I have just listened to this wonderful most delightful Evening Ballad Peter and watched the wee video. it is just beautiful and what a special meaningful touching gift. No wonder you and Biene were So so moved. Thank you so for sharing this with us and happy Belated Birthday wishes to you. This is an absolute treasure and nicely played on electric piano with strings setting…! With very Best Wishes to you and yours. 🙂

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