Anna Rosa Klopp (1881 – 1924) – Part III

Two Tragic Deaths in one Year

Klopp Family Tree – Chart I – II

Rosa Diesing née Klopp unexpectedly passed away in Elbeu on December 1, 1924 at the early age of 43 years. Her husband, about whom very little information had been brought to light by the author Eberhard Klopp, had received his just punishment according to her brother’s mother-in-law Louise Weihe. He departed from the place of his ‘misconduct’ and disappeared with the children from the radar screen of the Gardelegen-Zielitz Klopp/Weihe family circles. In the same year, Auguste Weihe, Friedrich’s wife passed away thus fulfilling the sombre and evil oracle that I have alluded to in the previous post. In a footnote the author of the Klopp Family Chronicles, Eberhard Klopp, mentioned however that the two women most likely died of too great a burden and exhaustion through their hard work in caring for their beloved children.

The Old Market in Poznan - Photo Credit:

The Old Market in Poznan – Photo Credit:

Her daughter Rosel (Rosa), born on September 6, 1905 in Gostyn/Poznan, married the estate manager of the farms now belonging to Poland, Hugo Meyer. In the 1920’s he found employment as electrician at the Grusen-Machine-Works in Magdeburg. Already  before the war she and her husband  belonged to the Christian Science sect. Their membership was frowned upon as being highly suspect by the Nazi regime and later after the war by the Communist authorities in East Germany (GDR). They had to endure many hardships on account of being spied upon and harassed by both the Nazi and Communist regimes. During the GDR times they camouflaged their meetings of their brothers and sisters in faith by calling them coffee parties (Kaffee-Kränzchen). After Germany’s reunification in 1989 the congregation was allowed to use the church hall of the Evangelical Church at Magdeburg-Lemsdorf. From now on they also could openly receive religious literature and audio cassettes from the West.

Lemsdorf Saint Sebastian Church - Photo Credit:

Lemsdorf Saint Sebastian Church – Photo Credit:

The youngest Diesing daughter Erika was married to a dentist, who after long-lasting use morphine died of a nerve disease. In her second marriage she lived with an official of the town of Kirn/Nahe. Erika was still alive in 1990. Since the three sons Werner, Willy and Fritz died in action during WWII, the male family line of the Diesing family has thus become extinct.

6 thoughts on “Anna Rosa Klopp (1881 – 1924) – Part III

  1. Hallo,Peter! Wenn ich daran denke,dass wir so lange in der Gegend gewohnt haben,in der sich ein Teil dieser ganzen tragische Geschichte abgespielt hat,ist das schon ein seltsames Gefühl…Das Leben dieses “Kloppzweiges” war wirklich ziemlich traurig und dramatisch! Um keinen Preis hätte ich das miterleben wollen!! Du beschreibst alles so detailliert,als wäre es erst gestern gewesen.. Und die Orte,(Zielitz,Elbeu,Magdeburg)in denen die Klopps gewohnt und gewirkt haben,kennen wir ja.. Es war ein sehr schweres Leben für alle.

    Herzliche Grüsse! Edda

    Von meinem iPhone gesendet



  2. Interesting and sad on the passing of the 2 ladies in close proximity…Lovely picture of Poznan Peter, where I have indeed been to as we drove through on our way to the eastern border with Russia. Life must have been tough and lifespans shortened through hard work, stress and worry in those dark days. 😦

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    • I am truly overwhelmed. Two such lovely responses in a row. Taking time out just to do that is impressive, Krysia! But the way you show your appreciation for my writing sets my heart aglow and increases my determination to carry on with the autobiography as something worthwhile. I need to tell you and others who happen to read this that I greatly admire the Polish born novelist Joseph Conrad. For him English was also his second language. Yet he enriched the world of English literature with his outstanding novels. Of course, do not think of me as being so bold as to compare myself with a giant of a writer. But it is good to have somebody to look up to. Thank you very much, Krysia!

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      • …Peter you are so welcome and I am really enjoying your family history, your personal romantic love story, your own life experiences and escapades and the wonderful photos that you post…I must apologize if my presence on here becomes somewhat erratic at times but the gardening season is now upon us but I do NOT intend to completely vanish for months on end like I did last year…Ah! Joseph Conrad. I am very much lacking in having read his books…perhaps I did when I was younger…perhaps something that should be remedied in the near future. We all need someone to look up to and from whom we can acquire inspiration. You do an absolutely brilliant job of writing in your second language…I for one would never ever have guessed that it was not your first. Bravo Peter! 🙂

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