The Grandeur of The Grand Canyon

For all my blogging friends, who love nature and amazing landscapes, I recommend viewing this fascinating post.

The Learning Curve

The only wonder of the world that I have covered (yet) – the majestic Grand Canyon!I was completely in awe of the force of nature that carved out the canyon millions of years ago. It still sends shivers down my body when Ithink about standing there and wonderinghow on earth these would have formed!the majestic grand canyonJust a day after landing in Las Vegas, we were on our way to the South rim of the Grand Canyon (we were tocome back to LV and stay there for 3 days ending on Christmas eve, to enjoy the celebrationsin the city).

Though many tourists specificallygo to the West rim to do the Skywalk,we left it out intentionally since it is too expensive at $80.94 per person for the Legacy Gold Package. Moreover, if you are not so sacrosanct about doing the ‘walk on the glass bridge,’ you get pretty much similar views of…

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