Halleluja by Leonard Cohen

An Amazing New Year’s Greeting

For New Year our friend in Germany sent us a couple of videos of his family celebrating Christmas, enjoying an impressive fireworks display on New year’s Eve and of his wife Edda playing the Halleluja by Leonard Cohen. Edda is the granddaughter of my Uncle Bruno. If you look at the Kegler family tree, you will find her on Chart IIc. Never have my wife Biene and I received a more touching and more precious New Year’s greeting than this video. A big thank you goes out to Dieter, Edda’s husband, who made this beautiful recording! It is my hope that you like it as much as we do.


  1. Pure Glory · January 8, 2018

    Peter, thank you for sharing the video. Enjoyed the music! 🙂

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  2. crowcanyonjournal · January 8, 2018

    Very nice!

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  3. Jodi · January 9, 2018


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  4. arv! · January 9, 2018

    Very soothing. Lovely. Thanks for sharing


  5. taphian · January 9, 2018

    that’s really a very personal and sweet present, dear Peter. Have a nice day, regards Mitza

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  6. Amy · January 9, 2018

    One of my favorite songs. Just a beautiful rendition.

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  7. corneliaweberphotography · January 10, 2018

    Peter, what a meaningful and beautiful piece for the beginning of a New Year, so wonderfully performed by your friend. Thank you so much for sharing and tell Edda that she is very talented.

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  8. Joanne Sisco · January 11, 2018

    I’m a huge Leonard Cohen fan and I would say this is certainly his most famous. I think he was a genius and this song always provokes deep emotion. Thanks for sharing it ❤️

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    • Peter Klopp · January 11, 2018

      I will pass on your accolades to Edda, the pianist. I am glad you liked the rendition.

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  9. Ruth · January 12, 2018

    That was touching. How thoughtful of them. I’ve always loved that song. She played it nicely.

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  10. Chris Heidenreich · January 15, 2018

    Wunderschön, lieber Peter. Ein ganz besonderer Song von Leonard Cohen und wunderbar vorgetragen!

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    • Peter Klopp · January 15, 2018

      Ach, da wird sich Edda, die Klavierspielerin, über deinen Kommentar freuen! Vielen Dank, Chris!


  11. prior.. · January 25, 2018

    Edda is so talented and I am letting this play right now – thanks PK

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    • Peter Klopp · January 25, 2018

      I hope Edda is reading this. She was so modest I had to coax her a little bit to publish her performance.


      • prior.. · January 25, 2018

        was ?
        I am so sorry if I missed this part – 😦

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  12. valeriedavies · January 31, 2018

    Peter,this is just beautiful.. one of my favourite songs… so moving… thank you..

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    • Peter Klopp · February 1, 2018

      I am so glad to read that you liked Edda’s performance.


  13. melissabluefineart · February 1, 2018

    Thank you for sharing this beautiful, moving video. This is one of my favorite pieces of music.

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