Chapter 37 of the Peter and Gertrud Klopp Story – Part II


Peter’s Letter – Part II

Dear Biene, you are so sure about the future, yet you do not dare to tell your parents that you want to marry me this spring. I love you for your big heart in dealing so compassionately with all people. But you must understand that you will hurt your parents a thousand times more if you tell them the full truth only at the end. What will you say to them when the registered letter arrives from the Canadian embassy?

You wrote about the shocking experience of your mother in her youth. Did you notice in regard to us the unintended irony of this tragic event? She was so much in love with her fiancé that she wanted to force her parents by means of a baby to agree to the marriage. Did the thought not cross your mind that you could be at this time in the same situation? And Biene, I have to tell you this; I would have never done ‘it’ under any circumstances no matter how passionately my blood was pulsing through my veins. For then I would have taken your freedom away to follow me to Canada. I do not blackmail, I do not sweet-talk, and neither do I make any promises that I cannot keep.

Decide if you want to come in the spring or if you prefer to stay. in Germany. You know I cannot ask the immigration officials twice. They cannot change the immigration requirements and conditions.  You agreed to them and your parents should know them too.

One more time Fate is anchored within you, not in the time or the circumstances. So write to me soon and openly how things are at your end and how accurately your parents are informed. Forgive me, if I only saw the dark and unexplained content of your letter. Forgive me too, if I used too harsh a word or two and hurt your feelings or if the cold facts gave you pain. But until you can courageously face the present reality, especially when talking to your parents, I will not have a single peaceful moment. Quite frankly our situation appears already doomed to me. Biene, don’t you think a man just like a woman may also prepare himself inwardly for the wedding and may look forward to it? Yet I suffer with a burning fire in my chest tormented by the worries about our future. It cannot go on any longer like this! Make an end to my pain. My heart is longing for an end, happy or unhappy, it does not matter. Do not write any more what sounds nice, but give a true account of how things really are in Velbert, what you have accomplished and how I could help.

You have too much feeling. Oh, if you were already mine!

Your Peter

28 thoughts on “Chapter 37 of the Peter and Gertrud Klopp Story – Part II

  1. It’s written so well as it presents facts and situation very clearly. Sometimes we are torn between two sides whom we love equally. We don’t want to hurt anyone and we postpone things.

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  2. The second half of this letter softens the anger in the first half. Now your heartache shines through as well as your love and devotion. I hope Biene responded to that second half with a full and compassionate heart.

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  3. Dear Peter, this brings up my blood pressure quite a bit, so much pain you express and yet you are begging for the truthful respond and out come, very passionately written. As always I’m looking for the continuation of your both love story. Have a great weekend.

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    • Thank you, Cornelia! Your kind words show with how much interest and feeling you follow our story. That is truly appreciated and gives me the energy to carry on with the project. Have a great weekend!

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  4. Was für eine Spannung- und was für Emotionen – schon bevor Ihr überhaupt zusammengekommen seid, Peter..Was wird Biene auf Deinen Brief antworten? Ich finde die Zeilen von Dir so schön, in denen Du Biene schreibst, daß Du ihre Eltern nie mit einem Baby “erpresst” hättest.
    Ihrem Charakter nach zu urteilen, wäre Biene sicher auch gar nicht dazu in der Lage gewesen..
    Sie hatte aber auch einen sehr schweren Stand- alle wollten von ihr eine Entscheidung, dabei wollte sie doch auch nur das Beste-und zwar für alle und jeden …sie ist ein Mensch, der nur glücklich sein kann, wenn alle um sie herum das sind..und Du in der Ferne mußtest diese ganze Ungewissheit ertragen und trotzdem die Grundlage für Euer zukünftiges Leben schaffen…In dieser Zeit hätte sicher niemand freiwillig mit Euch getauscht..
    Bin gespannt ,was als Nächstes passiert..😉
    Herzliche Grüße an Biene und Dich!

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    • Vielen Dank, liebe Edda! Du verfolgst unsere Geschichte nun schon so lange, dass du dich richtig in uns hineinversetzen kannst. Wenn du die einzige Person wärst, die sich für unsere Geschichte interessieren würde, hätte sich die Zeit und Mühe schon gelohnt. Doch so wie du siehst, nehmen viele mit großem Interesse an unserem Drama Teil. Alle sind gespannt, wie Biene jetzt auf meine Zeilen reagiert. Herzliche Grüße an Dieter und dich!


  5. Things are certainly coming to a head in your story! I hope that Biene was able to give you the answers you needed, and I don’t blame you for wanting the “cold truth.” There comes a time when we need to see our way forward clearly, especially when it involves someone you love as deeply as you love Biene.

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    • To this very day I have always felt more comfortable with clarity in difficult situations however painful they might be than with uncertainty. Alas! More surprises are coming in Biene’s response.

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    • Uncertainty could have been cleared up in a jiffy in our digital era. But 50 years ago the only form of communication we had was writing letters. Thank you, Brigit, for your insightful comment!

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  6. It must have been quite an emotional journey going through these letters again after so many years, Peter. Not knowing Biene, it’s really impossible to guess how she reacted to your well-crafted letter. Looking forward to finding out! Des

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    • Indeed this emotional roller coaster ride was full of surprises. I have always been on pins and needles awaiting Biene’s responses. Thank you, Des, for taking such a keen interest in our story!

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  7. Personally, I don’t think you were harsh in this letter. You were simply focused on the reality of the situation. I can well understand your plea to Biene to spell out her precise situation as clearly as possible. By this point in your story, the time for comfortable daydreams had long since past and there were important practical decisions that had to be taken.

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    • You are right, Bun. While my letter and those that followed appear severe, almost unloving, they had but one purpose. I wanted to make sure that we wouldn’t deviate too far from our original plans to start a new life in Canada and to stay within the requirements for Biene’s immigration.

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