Announcing: Spring has Sprung

Cheerful Bird Announcing the Arrival of Spring

On a recent trip to Victoria, BC, I went for a morning hike along the beach road very close to the ocean. At a distance I heard a little bird happily chirping away. It did not pay attention to the many people walking their dogs very close to the branch where it was perched. So I approached my feathery friend with my camera ready to shoot. It paid no attention to me, even though I was only three meters away, but it seemed to be totally absorbed in the song it was singing. Enjoy.


32 thoughts on “Announcing: Spring has Sprung

  1. A sweet little guy with a beautiful song! Well caught, Peter!

    Spring has also arrived here with all its different, soft greens. That is unique in spring, that the trees have so many different shades of green, and some even yellowish and orangish. Later on in summer they have more or less all the same colour. It came late but then with a burst of energy!

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  2. Peter, thank you for sharing the bird’s song. Here in Alaska, the Canadian geese and sandhill cranes are passing through to nest further north. It is so good to see new birds that haven’t been here all winter. We still have snow on the ground but it is melting. When are leaves pop, summer will be here. (We don’t have Spring, only break up and then summer.)

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  3. there is definitely love in the air, dear Peter. Springtime has a magic for all of us, be is mankind, be it birds etc. We had quite warm weather here, but now it cools down by a thunderstorm, kind regards from hamburg, Mitza

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    • Due to much rain and warm temperatures our rivers and creeks are swollen to maximum capacity and threaten to flood many valleys in BC. Fortunately, where we live, the Columbia River is controlled by a series of dams. Thank you for your kind comment, Mitza!

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  4. Such a gorgeous little creature, singing his heart out. ❤ This is a wonderful time of year. The birds are nesting and busy and chirping and I love listening to them, especially the evening song of the blackbirds.

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