Chapter 37 of the Peter and Gertrud Klopp Story – Part IV


Biene’s Urgent Plea for Understanding – Part 2

In one point I won’t be able to grant my mother’s wish and that is that I want to get married to you at once. Don’t think that I was not sincere with my parents. O Peter, I was! They knew everything of us for a long time and all the same they reacted like this. I cannot be frank anymore, because the more I tell them, the worse it gets. O Peter, understand my situation. I cannot bear their tears, I cannot see them suffer and they are so downhearted, because they love me so much. Although I love you more than anything in the world, I suffer too with them and I cannot help it and yet I am happy, because I love you. Peter, it is so difficult to understand.

Sometimes I really wish I could hate my parents, because everything would be easier. I have to work because my father won’t give me a penny. Nothing can move him, although I have told him everything. I cannot bear the thought to take our last money you have here. I want to be able to pay at least the fare. Besides I learn a lot. I have nearly the function of a secretary. I have to type, to write letters and to translate many English letters with many difficult technical terms. It is a real good experience for getting a job in Canada. Don’t you think so? Have confidence, Peter, because nothing is hopeless as long as we love each other.

I love you so much! Your Biene

A few days later she added …

My dear Peter, I only now realize with a great shock how my last letter must have created a storm of anxiety in your heart. O Peter, I hope you remained calm at the exam. Peter, I was not aware at all what I had done to you. See, there so many things that I have to deal with, but yet you must never doubt that I am coming to you. Even my parents know that. They only want to make sure that I keep my freedom as long as possible, because they cannot believe that I will be able to endure life with you in Canada. Nevertheless I am going to be your wife as soon as possible. And when I am with you and my parents sense that I am happy, then they will find it easier to bear the separation. When I come to you without bringing anything, later on we still get eventually something. At least I want to be able to pay for the fare.

Dear Peter, I am asking you now just for one thing, although my letters do not always radiate confidence, you must not lose your trust in me. Unfortunately, I cannot describe everything. It is always way too much. But I love you so much that it would cost me my life, if I didn’t come to you soon.

Your Biene

42 thoughts on “Chapter 37 of the Peter and Gertrud Klopp Story – Part IV

  1. Ihr habt Euch Euer Glück beide hart erkämpft, Peter! Biene hatte es wirklich furchtbar schwer- sie wollte zu Dir, ohne Zweifel daran, daß sie es schaffen würde..Gleichzeitig haben ihre Eltern es ihr (aus großer Sorge um sie ) so schwer gemacht,trotzdem hat sie alles dafür getan, um das Geld für die Überfahrt zu verdienen und sich auf das Leben bei Dir vorzubereiten.Ohne Unterstützung und Zuspruch seitens ihrer Verwandten hat sie weitergemacht..Und auch noch aus der Ferne versucht, Dir Mut zuzusprechen..Und Du warst auch ziemlich allein, hast hart gearbeitet und studiert und hast nicht aufgegeben, trotz der ganzen Ängste und Aufregungen..
    Aber-was lange währt wird endlich gut..😉👍
    Herzliche Grüße von uns!

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    • Liebe Edda, dein lieber Kommentar kam als erster in meinen Blog geflogen. Deine so verständnisvollen Worte haben mich wie immer sehr erfreut. Bienes Eltern wren beide gegen unsere Pläne, doch wohl aus ganz verschiedenen Gründen. Der Vater war besorgt um sein Geld und nahm unsere verrückten (?) Pläne als Anlass, jede finanzielle Unterstützung zu verweigern. Die Mutter war wirklich besorgt um Biene und als wir dann verheiratet waren, hat sie uns immer heimlich Geld in ihre Briefe gesteckt. Ich glaube, sie hatte es wohl, dem Haushalts geld abgezwackt, ohne dass Papa Panknin das merkte. Doch bleiben wir noch bei unserer Geschichte, die noch längst nicht zu Ende ist. Nur das eine wissen wir schon. Ende gut, alles gut!
      Ganz liebe und herzliche Grüße an dich und Dieter!


  2. Amazing letter—she really opened her heart. And that later post-script shows that she had not anticipated your anxiety—probably because she was so confident in her love and in knowing she was coming to Canada that it never occurred to her that you would read the letter as expressing doubts.

    Do you think her parents would have felt the same way if you were in England or somewhere else in Europe? Was it Canada? Would the US have seemed better to them, or was it really all about the distance? Canada probably sounded like the wilderness to them whereas perhaps if you were, say, in Boston, it might have seemed more civilized. But I assume anything outside of Germany would have been a problem for them.

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  3. Torn between parents and beloved man, what a situation…this is hard bread for a daughter, in love to a man in a land, wide away. The parents cannot visit Bienes houses planned and built in future. They are just The past. It is hart heart work to See chidren‘s growth and if they‘d like to spread their wings…but all parents hope, that their children Will Be able to fly and if they love them- they let their children go if they feel that this Time is Now and Biene Will pay her The ferry into a new life – out of The beloved …but high reach of control…
    Love is patience, waiting and hoping and it is like magic power deep inside, an invisible connection, bearing this with a great power. I can feel it while reading Bienes Letter.

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    • You are so right, dear Karfunkelfee. I thank you from the bottom of my heart for such insightful comment. Very few people believe in the magic power of love. You were able to feel it when reading Biene’s letter. Greetings from far away Canada!

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  4. A very nice and moving love-letter, dear Peter. Women can write about feelings a bit easier, as it seems.
    I hope the love you felt being young is still between you nowadays.
    I could really see the conflict Biene was in, loving you on one hand and loving her parents on the other hand. But if my parents had reacted like this, I would have wondered about their love. Being afraid of letting others go, is not really love, I think.
    Have a nice weekend, kind regards Mitza

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    • You are spot on, dear Mitza, in your assessment of Biene’s parents. They have been very selfish. They were both over sixty-five and needed their daughter ‘s presence for help and support. You too have a pleasant weekend. Peter

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  5. It must have been a relief to hear of Bien’s love for you but not her desire to try to please her parents by returning to Germany. It must have been so difficult waiting for the next letter.

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  6. Peter, all I can say right now ” Ein Stein faellt mir vom Herzen”, about Biene’s response. And I am sure you felt the same. Sorry English folks readers, I don’t know how to translate that saying. Biene is a wonderful woman, filled with wisdom and kindness.

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  7. I was happy to read her assurances of love and life together. These letters must have calmed you down at least a little bit. It was much harder for parents to see their children move far away at the time when air travel was not the common way of travel it is today. I still remember our families’ reactions when we moved from Sweden to work in Africa with our 2-year old son in the 80s.

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  8. Hi, Peter, I was so pleased to read this second part of Biene’s letter. The fact that she wanted to marry you at once showed clearly that she just gave in to her parents on the surface, to calm them down. It must have reassured you greatly to read how much she loved (loves) you!

    And, as I had thought, Biene’s addendum shows that she had not been aware of the possible impact that her earlier letter might have on you. I guess at the time she wrote that letter the pressure on her was extremely strong. So she kept some vital information out of it, not on purpose, but because she thought it was selfunderstood.

    Actually, I agree with her about the working with English before going to Canada. It must have made matters easier for her. I admire her! From her letters speaks a very generous hear!

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    • Hi, Brigit, your interpretation of Biene’s letter brought some interesting new insights. I shared your comment with Biene and she too was impressed with your accurate assessment of the situation of so long ago.
      Having spent some time in England as au pair girl and at the same time attending English classes sponsored by the Cambridge University definitely helped her preparedness for Canada. Thank you so much for your kind and insightful words, Brigit!

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  9. Well, there you go. I don’t think you could ask for a clearer statement of her love for you and commitment to a life together with you in Canada. She really was incredibly brave. I’m not sure I’d have had her courage at the same age.

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    • Dear Bun, since you are presently inactive in your own blogging activity, I appreciate all the more that you are taking the time to respond with such interest to our story. I passed your comment on to Biene. She liked the way you expressed your admiration for her courage and youthful boldness in dealing with all the opposition at home and being prepared to leave everything dear to her behind to follow me into the land of our dreams.

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      • You’re welcome, Peter. I’m always keen to find out what happened next. Thank you for passing on my comments to Biene. I think you were very brave to start your new life together halfway around the world, and at a time when international travel and communication was not nearly as easy as it is now.

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