Natural Splendour of the Arrow Lake

Wednesday’s Photos

Sunset at the Boat Dock

Last week in the late evening hour I grabbed my camera, hopped on my scooter and hurried down to the boat dock to capture the sun as it was setting and take a few photos during the twilight hour. As it is evident in other areas of the Northern Hemisphere, spring was late this year, but the speed with which it was trying to catch up, when the warm, sunny weather finally arrived, was truly phenomenal. Enjoy the images.

IMG_3360Last Rays IMG_3349Bumble Bee


IMG_3342Apple Blossoms


26 thoughts on “Natural Splendour of the Arrow Lake

  1. Always a treat to enjoy your images. As each photographer has their own way of framing and capturing, I know that you love BC by what you capture in your images. Coming from populated Europe maybe gives you a different insight. I know I view things in Minnesota with a different personal lense now after the years of living in Europe. Thanks for sharing.

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    • I believe that the passion for photography has transformed my ways of looking at the world. I used to be blind to so many beautiful things. Yes, you are right one must live in a beautiful environment, but with the right perception, there is beauty everywhere. Thanks for your kind comment!


  2. The landscape in Canada is so beautiful. I could experience it once, when I was in Vancouver. And nature is beautiful all over the world, dear Peter. Have a nice day. We’re having a heatwave, 31 degrees and no rain for a long time. But better than 31 – 🙂 Kind regards Mitza

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  3. The Bees Knee says thank you so much for loving bees. Die anderen Fotos sind aber auch sehr fein – alle- Peter! besonders gefällt mir das erste, wegen seiner Komposition. Kind regards Ruth


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