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A lot of people these days have scant regard for history. Whether local, national, or world history, they think it has little or no relevance to their lives. It was something that happened at a time that didn’t concern them. A time when there was no Internet, video games, or fast-food outlets. Not even a phone, let alone a mobile phone. History is falling out of favour. Less people are studying it, and fewer people than ever before have an active interest in it. An unscientific random poll of younger people I know shows an alarming lack of knowledge about it, allied to an active and vocally expressed disinterest in anything to do with it.

Personally speaking, I cannot imagine any subject more interesting. How we got to where we are today, what caused the international issues and problems we experience on a daily basis, and how the iconic buildings…

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  1. Thanks a lot, Peter, for reblogging and giving this some more attention! But it needs to be said that it is nowadays really so easy to get infornation about anything you wish via WWW. People are just partially too lazy. Best wishes from Berlin @ Ulli

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  2. I had a history teacher that once asked use. “Does history repeat itself or do people repeat history?” without knowledge, we are bound to repeat. Many youth don’t care, about our past, only their own future and yet they are linked.

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  3. Dearest Peter, being born in Ukraine, we are pretty much obsessed with the history and 20st-century historical facts. The whole family are historical junkies and my teen son only watches blk and white documentaries, which is mind-boggling to me, but at least its historical info. It is not falling out of favor in my house. IN fact, its alive and thriving very much, indeed. History will not be repeated, no sir.

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  4. Ich bin seit 4, 5 Jahren stark an Geschichte interessiert. Vorher war es Biologie und Neurowissenschaften, jetzt kommt “History” dazu.
    Man ist tatsächlich “doomed”, wenn man nichts aus der Geschichte lernt.
    Das einzige Manko ist, daß die Vorgänge in der Geschichte ungemein komplex sind. Es ist so schwer zu sagen wie alles zusammenhängt.
    Aber Geschichte folgt einem auf Schritt und Tritt, egal wo man hingeht. Wie oft in letzter Zeit machte ich Nachforschungen an Urlaubsorten, weil mir etwas nicht verständlich war.
    Sorry, daß ich auf Deutsch antwortete, aber für das Komplexe von Geschichte fehlt mir ein vor allem schneller Wortschatz in Englisch.

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  5. My interest in history definitely did not develop at school. All we learned about was who ruled when and where, had to learn the names of the kings and queens and the years of the battles. I found that boring. As if nothing ever happened but war, quite scary, but maybe realistic? There do seem wars to be going on all the time.

    I would have been more interested at school, if they also had told us about the inventions of the different times or how people actually lived. That is why I love to visit open air museums where they collect houses and shops from different times and show them. I have seen them in different countries, Sweden, Denmark, Norway, Germany and Romania. Or folklore museums, where they show the handicrafts of different times of a country and the clothing. That is touchable history. History is not only rulers and politicians, history is also the little people. To see how they lived and compare it to our own time can be quite an eye opener.

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    1. You are so right what you said about boring history classes. I have gone through the same lists of kings, emperors, pharaohs, presidents etc. My hope is that todays history classes are more interesting. Thanks for your critical comment, Brigit!

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  6. It’s just kind of true, what this article presents, yet I know quite a few young people who are eagerly interested into history and “herstory” (playing with letters here). I believe that the way history is taught in schools should change to a more appealing presentation, because young people absorb information’s differently nowadays, rather than back in the days. Thanks for sharing this article.

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  7. Thanks for sharing that link! I agree that in order to truly understand the present, we have to know our history as well. I don’t understand people who think that history is irrelevant. Personally, I find it fascinating, and what I like best about reading old stories is realizing that human nature has stayed the same for so many years. I find that comforting in a world of so much change!

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