33 thoughts on “Natural Splendour of the Arrow Lake

  1. looks like a lovely garden with wonderful flowers, dear Peter have a nice day, kind regards from Hamburg. My computer was kaput since 5 weeks and I couldn’t post anything and feared a loss of 10.000 photos. Fortunately my son came here from Vienna to repair it and I’m so glad it works again.

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  2. I like the sunflower best of all. Maybe because it is the one type of plant I don’t have in my garden. I spent all day today dividing lilies…would you like some?😂 I don’t think Canada will tax them out of here like the US would. I hate dumping them in the bin.

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    • Thank you for the kind and generous offer! But I believe Canada is even worse with their rules and regulations about plant imports. They are paranoid of importing diseases and viruses with the plants. Thanks again for willing to ship the bulbs!


      • LOL- Hope you knew it was a joke as the postage would have killed me financially even without any import/export regulation. How in the world these Dutch plant growers make money I really don’t know.

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      • For a moment you thought your intentions were not a joke. But then shipping is expensive especially here in Canada. It is cheaper to order something from Amazon and get it shipped for free. LOL


      • You are correct on that. I just ordered something from Amazon Germany (they don’t have Amazon operations here in NL) and it was shipped from Italy through France with no shipping charges. The fact that I had to buy €39 worth of stuff in order to get free shipping… well they always get your money somehow!

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