Chapter 41 of the Peter and Gertrud Klopp Story – Part II


Biene yearns for the freedom she enjoyed in England

Her letter continued

You are right, Peter. In England I was much stronger and also much happier. I could concentrate on myself and attempt to be myself, whereas here I am being torn apart by people, who love me, but wish to decide over my life according to their own ideas of happiness. Nobody can imagine that I wish for myself a totally different life and everybody tries to keep me away from my impending disaster. But they have no inkling that this way they make me and themselves unhappy. I know that it is right to come to you, even though many people think it is cruel.

I am looking forward to seeing you and spending the evenings with you in the tiny apartment. We will certainly then forget all the things which have burdened our hearts. And I hope that in your dreams you will no longer have to sleep with other girls.  For me as well temptations have been a constant threat. In England I had my freedom and your love in my heart. That gave me so much strength that I could easily resist the temptations. Even in my dreams I wasn’t searching for a more beautiful reality. Everybody liked me and also everybody knew that I love you. Here at home unfortunately everything is different. I cannot bear it any longer that I must hurt them so much. And yet I love you and I have made my decision. Sometimes I am in a state that I want to numb my senses. But have no fear. I will endure the remaining time I am here.

Now I am almost finished with my letter and have not yet thanked you for your long letter, which gave me a much needed lift. I am happy to hear that you have so much success with your studies. I will make certain that I will not be a distraction to your final exams when I am with you. Now, dear Peter, let us hope that I may soon come to you.

Be now sweetly embraced and kissed

Your Biene

P.S. By the way my inner calendar is very exact. Perhaps it is not good at all to worry so much about it.

32 thoughts on “Chapter 41 of the Peter and Gertrud Klopp Story – Part II

  1. Ich kann dieses Dilemma und diese innere Zerrissenheit von Biene noch heute richtig nachempfinden,nach so vielen Jahren. Denn wenn einem Menschen wehtun, die einen lieben (auch wenn es aus großer Sorge ist) , dann ist man noch viel mehr verzweifelt, als wenn das von solchen kommt,die einem eigentlich gleichgültig sind..
    Es wurde wirklich Zeit, daß Biene abreisen konnte, um mit Dir Euer gemeinsames Leben nach Euren eigenen Vorstellungen zu beginnen.
    Fast nichts ist schlimmer ,als in solcher Situation die Zukunft nur schwarz ausgemalt zu bekommen…

    Es grüßt Dich herzlich!

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    • Da hast du völlig recht, liebe Edda. Wirklich was andere Leute denken und sagen, sollte einem im Grunde egal sein. Doch wenn die eigenen Eltern einem in Frage der Liebe so viele Steine in den Weg legen, dann ist man ja doch total erschüttert. Zum Glück war Biene schon volljährig, sonst hätten die Eltern wohl noch mit legalen Mitteln ihre Abreise verhindert. Zum Glück hat sie sich nicht von ihrem Plan abhalten lassen. Die Liebe hatte im wahrsten Sinne des Wortes den Sieg errungen.
      Herzliche Grüße auch von mir!


  2. Biene’s true spirit shines through in this letter—no wonder you were so much in love with her and so determined for her to come to Canada. It is as if a veil had lifted and she finally realized she had to do what was best for her, not what was best for her parents and brother or anyone else. Brava! Now I am hoping there is some smooth sailing ahead for you two!

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  3. I was from the start surprised about the vehemence with which Biene’s family was against her wish to marry you and live in Canada, and they really “worked” on her. I mean children are supposed to leave the nest and live their own lives, aren’t they? Have their own families. So I would have expected a bit more support from a family. Of course things could go wrong, that is always the risk with everything. But then she would just have come home or maybe not … Canada is not Mars, and wasn’t then.
    I really can’t follow all this “she hurts her family” argumentation. Sorry, Biene, not from your position either. You were in love and had no intention to hurt anybody. Isn’t that the right that every person should have? To fall in love and start a new life with the loved one?

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    • Dear Brigit, I passed this compassionate comment on to Biene. In addition to all the right things you said, one must consider that Biene at 21 was of age and truly could determine her own destiny. All I can say now fifty years later, your comment would have given additional confidence in leaving her parental home and joining me in marriage in Canada. Thank you!!!

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  4. As for the family issues, I think that it’s common that parental control is not easily given up. Many find a way to continue exerting their influence well into the child’s adulthood. In some cases, the best way to address it is it is to relocate. Everybody eventually adjusts (hopefully).
    I like the comments from others about Biene’s spirit coming through in these letters. The same goes for you as well. I’ve picked up on periods of frustration and even despair, but never a loss of focus on the final goal from either of you. It’s always been a pleasure to read and I’ll be sad to see when the last letter has been posted. Des.

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    • Even in the very best situations, when parents let their children choose their own destiny, it is a very good idea to have some distance form the influences of the in-laws at least at the very beginning of a marriage. In that respect Biene and I have done very well. Visits from our parents were relatively rare and therefore all the more enjoyable. All the former opposition dwindled quickly when they could see with their own eyes how well we were doing in Canada.

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  5. I can hardly imagine that the following came true: “We will certainly then forget all the things which have burdened our hearts.” I think you can’t free yourself completely. In Canada maybe she felt for her parents again.
    Am I right in this?

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    • As it turned out within less than a year, Biene was completely reconciled with her mother and when we flew to Germany two years later with our own money, living by comparison to her parents in relative luxury, even her father was convinced about Biene having made the right choice. So you were right in saying that Biene felt for her parents. Sie war auf jeden Fall nicht nachtragend.

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  6. Peter, I really enjoyed reading Biene’s letter, no doubt that she was sure about the right decision and choice she made to join you for your life together. And I am so glad that she over came her parents worries. As I have told you my story of life, it’s a real difficult situation for a daughter. Wish you a wonderful Sunday with Biene and great health to you

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  7. What a beautiful letter that Biene wrote. She has exchanged people pleasing for doing what she desires.No longer indecisive but ready to embrace life with her true love. Her spirit and love for your shines in the letter. I am sure this letter made your heart sing! 🙂

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