ALEA IACTA EST – The Die is Cast

I Made My Decision.

Fall and Winter Schedule for the Klopp-Family Blog


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No, I am not Caesar, nor am I crossing the Rubicon. But after listening to my dear followers and after careful deliberation I have come up with a plan that will guide me through the next stage in my blogging activity. Knowing my weakness to procrastinate I decided to write down the various kinds of posts that I will be publishing for the next little while. By giving you the schedule in writing, I feel a little more committed. Here are the various topics as they will appear every week:

  • Mondays: Seminar for Children on Albert Schweitzer in German – Guest Contributor: My cousin Hartmut Kegler
  • Tuesdays: Rerun in complete chapter of the Peter and Gertrud (Biene) Klopp Story starting with our first encounter in 1962.
  • Wednesdays: Splendour of the Arrow Lake
  • Fridays: Publishing the Unpublished Historical Book on the Mining Era in the Kootenays by Late Writer, Artist and Castle Builder Bill Laux


When the last chapter of any of the above topics has been published, I will have had enough time to write the continuation of our story. As one of my blogging friends stated so correctly, Biene’s coming to Canada was only the beginning. ‘And they lived happily ever after’ is how many fairy tales are ending. But while our story of Book I after many twists and turns had a happy end,  we were facing many new challenges, and this time not in our fantasy world, but on the playing fields of  the rough-and-tumble daily living.

43 thoughts on “ALEA IACTA EST – The Die is Cast

  1. This looks an ambitious and fascinating schedule. I will be very interested in the early days of the Peter and Biene story and always love your photos also. I will also give the other two topics some attention. Good luck!!

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  2. Wow, but that is an ambitious schedule. I have trouble with once per week. I wish you best of luck and look forward to your end results. My music schedule is on the other hand ambitious. Next week daily between Tues. and Sat. Tired isn’t the word I might use either.

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    • My project appears to be very challenging, but is isn’t. Most posts are ready to be published. Your music practice on the other hand will be very demanding. Burt when you enjoy it, it will not feel like work at all. Have a great weekend, Mary Ann!

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  3. Peter, having closed a chapter in you blog, I’m glad to hear that you feel committed to continue writing. I’m really looking forward to starting at the beginning to both Book I and your continuing story. I hope you enjoy writing it as much as we enjoy reading it!

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  4. I’m sure Biene’s arrival was just the beginning of your story together and I look forward to reading more of it! And I’m impressed with our organization on how you will continue blogging…I need to be more organized that way.

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    • Thank you for encouraging words, Ann! They give me strength and motivation to carry on with our story. While I am coasting along with a rerun and guest posts, I will have to do a lot of writing. Best wishes for your blog, Ann!

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