Natural Splendour of the Arrow Lake

Wednesday’s Photos

Curious Forms and Shapes

On a recent walk along the beach with my wife I made some unusual discoveries. Guided by the theme ‘Curious Forms and Shapes’ I did not have to stretch the imagination to see a colossal head of stone above a hollow steaming under the burning afternoon sun. Then I viewed a craggy mountain created by an old tree stump, which was stretching into the blue sky above. Then I discovered a witch lying in the sand with her long nose sticking out and a striped cape covering head and shoulder. As you can see, all is a matter of perspective. All of these shots I took while lying down. Enjoy.



  1. kopfundgestalt · April 10, 2019

    Pleasantly pictoresque, Peter! 🙂
    Especially the 2nd one attracts my attention.

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  2. Pit · April 10, 2019

    Nature as an artist!

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    • Peter Klopp · April 11, 2019

      Indeed! All we need to do is open our eyes to marvel at the wonderful world she created.


  3. Robert Parker · April 10, 2019

    A huge head, a witch, and a stump-mountain, that’s a very fun expedition! Good eye. 🙂

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    • Peter Klopp · April 11, 2019

      Thanks, Robert! As I pointed out, seeing things in a different and entirely new light is often due to a change of perspective. Lying down on your belly with your camera ready to shoot opens up an entirely new world.

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  4. Ulli · April 10, 2019

    Tolle Entdeckungen und ein toller fotografischer Einsatz von dir, Peter, der sich absolut gelohnt hat!
    Erfreute Grüße

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    • Peter Klopp · April 11, 2019

      Vielen Dank, Ulli! Das ist ein allerliebster Kommentar. Deine Zeilen haben mich sehr erfreut.

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  5. Stella, oh, Stella · April 10, 2019

    The landscape could have been in Lord of the Rings! Great findings!

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    • Peter Klopp · April 11, 2019

      Yes, the objects I captured appear to be somehow otherworldly. Thank you, Brigit!

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  6. travelsandtomes · April 10, 2019

    These photos are stunning– and the objects look rather enchanted!


  7. thecedarjournal · April 10, 2019

    I am thinking the last one is the witch. The middle one looks like a goth castle. The first one a sand giant face.
    Love these Peter! Wonderful texture with these photos.

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  8. Su Leslie · April 10, 2019

    Nature is the finest sculptor.


  9. Amy · April 10, 2019

    Fascinating textures!

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  10. Nurul Fitri Lubis · April 10, 2019

    Unique shots, Peter. The head statue amazed me a lot..


  11. crowcanyonjournal · April 10, 2019

    Nice images to go with your imagination, Peter!

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  12. Anonymous · April 11, 2019

    Very interesting shapes! Almost unreal 🙂

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  13. arv! · April 13, 2019

    Those are interesting formations.

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  14. Sarah · April 13, 2019

    Perfectly illustrates that everything is a matter of perspective. 😉 Wonderful shots, Peter! This reminded me of a trip to the south of Spain where I saw similar odd shapes in the mountains. 😊

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  15. Tiny · April 14, 2019

    Beautiful pictures from a nice perspective, Peter!

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  16. floresphotographic · April 14, 2019

    Clever! It’s called pareidolia! 🙂


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