Natural Splendour of the Arrow Lake

Wednesday’s Photos

Nature’s Progress in Early May

What a difference altitude can make when looking for signs of spring’s progress! The first image was taking only half an hour’s drive from the ferry at Fauquier at an elevation of 1200m. The grass has not turned green yet and there was still snow on the ground. But a pair of geese had already taken possession of this beautiful lake in the mountains. Down in our valley I took picture of calm Taite Creek, which shows yet no sign of the annual spring run-off. Deep in the dark woods I also noticed that nature was quite a bit behind in its normal development. The lonely tree stump at least 50 years old is in a state of total decay giving evidence to Nature’s eternal law that one must give back to her what one has borrowed at the beginning of a life cycle. Looking up I noticed the ‘candles’ of the pine trees silhouetted against the blue sky. Their vigorous growth announces that spring in the forest is also on the march. Enjoy.



  1. Pit · May 8, 2019

    An dem Bach moechte ich stundenlang sitzen und nur dem Gluckern zuhoeren.

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    • Peter Klopp · May 9, 2019

      Ja, das Rauschen des Baches ein wunderbares und erholsames Erlebnis.


  2. kopfundgestalt · May 8, 2019

    Decay and blossoming sits side by side.
    Here in Germany right now it’s cold and rainy – we have to wait for a second spring to come 🙂

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  3. Pure Glory · May 8, 2019

    The beauty of new life in the Spring! Your photos, Peter, capture the natural beauty of your area. Well done!

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  4. Stella, oh, Stella · May 8, 2019

    It is coming, Peter! You live in such a beautiful area, but I say that every time … 😉

    I would love to visit a wood, where one could walk for hours on end without meeting houses or villages.

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  5. arv! · May 8, 2019

    Last picture is my favorite. Looks like spring has kind of made it.

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  6. Su Leslie · May 8, 2019

    I’m always so happy to see the beautiful photos of your part of the world Peter.

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  7. Anonymous · May 8, 2019

    Peter, my favorite image is the pine tree’s branches pointing to the sky, it’s an image full of hope and growth.

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    • Peter Klopp · May 9, 2019

      People generally look down and miss the beauty of so many things that are above. Thank you for the kind comment!


  8. Nurul Fitri Lubis · May 9, 2019

    And the Spring is finally there. I am looking forward to see more in your next posts.


  9. PlantsandBeyond · May 9, 2019

    Natures gift to all of us and you bring it through the screen, Peter. Thank you


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