Natural Splendour of the Arrow Lakes

Wednesday’s Photos

Late Apple Blossoms

Almost a month late the apple trees in the Arrow Lakes region are finally showing off their blossoms. They are especially plentiful and promise in contrast to last year an abundant crop. I love their delicate petals, which remind me of the fact that the apple trees are actually related to the rose family. I selected three photos for this post. Enjoy.


22 Replies to “Natural Splendour of the Arrow Lakes”

    1. The one kind I captured for my post is the Gravenstein variety, a juicy and very delicious apple when newly picked. The other one is a more common variety, which is called Red Delicious, an excellent keeper. Thanks for the comment and all the previous ones! Very much appreciated!


      1. I have never heard of the first one but the red delicious is quite popular. Apples are not native to India but are not grown in the Himalayan hill region.
        I enjoy your pictures every Wednesday and the conversation too.

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      2. Your interest in my posts is truly appreciated. Conversation like this brings us living in different countries closer together. Best wishes! Peter


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