Baroness Anna von Waldenfels (née Klopp) – Part XIII

Georg’s Pipe Dream

Pulling the right strings at the right authorities, Georg von Waldenfels managed to acquire from the DAG the trusteeship over the ‘abandoned’ estate property at Angern on the River March between Lower Austria and Slovenia. As a trustee he worked there for two months from August 3 to October 1, 1938.

His ultimate goal was by hook or by crook to take possession of the property of the Jewish family Löw, who had owned and worked this large parcel of land of prime agricultural land for many generations. The DAG (Deutsche Ansiedlungsgesellschaft), the so-called German Settlement Agency, had set into motion punitive court proceedings against the Löw family to the tune of 13 million Reichsmark (RM). Eight million RM were covered by the sale of all movable equipment. Remained the five million RM, which the DAG desired to collect. To fully comprehend the value of the entire estate, one can easily peg the sale’s price on today’s real estate market at around 100 million dollars. The commissioned administrator von Waldenfels bragged among friends that he could easily come up with the five million RM. Through marriage he had connected with father-in-law Jan F. Jannink, “one of the wealthiest mega-industrialists of Holland, who would throw the five million RM on the table with a smile.”

Von Waldenfels had also set his eyes on the palace-like mansion of the Löw family located at the 19th District of Vienna. This stately and historically important residence also belonged to the total ‘aryanized’ property of the SS. The low ranking SS officer of Lagowitz, swept up by his incredible pipe dreams, now beyond all reasonable dimensions appeared to drift away into the fantasy world of his own desires.

23 thoughts on “Baroness Anna von Waldenfels (née Klopp) – Part XIII

  1. So many Jews had their property expropriated by the Nazis and selfish people like Georg. This post reminded me of The House by the Lake by Thomas Harding. Have you read that book? It’s about one house and the five different families that owned it over the course of about 150 years.

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  2. What’s up with Lagowitz? Did I miss something?
    Self-enrichment had been method then.
    Last year I read the biography of Speer and there it da a diferent dimension, for example large areas in Berlin.
    I wonder why Georg came through so easily? Did he have such high merit in the SS? Or was he just simply crafty ?!
    In any case, such “profits” were always short-lived.

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  3. Remarkable story. Often we stay limited to the lives of rulers and conquerors when reading history. But, each individual is making a history of his/ her own. Maybe at a smaller scale, but, in many cases, no less interesting.

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