Natural Splendour of the Arrow Lake

Wednesday’s Photos

Flaming Beauty of a Campfire

The sun has set behind the mountains across the lake. Jupiter is the first object in the darkening southern sky. A magical stillness like a silky blanket is spreading over the Arrow Lake valley. This is the moment when my wife and I like to gather around the campfire near the beach and marvel at the sight of the flames shooting skyward with their fiery tongues. Later, when the fire has consumed most of the twigs and branches, we marvel at the multicoloured spectacle of the flickering dance performed by the burning logs.The photos can only give a glimpse  of the flaming beauty, which words can hardly describe. Enjoy.



  1. Rashmi Gopal Rao · July 31

    Nice pictures Peter!

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  2. kopfundgestalt · July 31


    Und schon werde ich erinnert, wie ein Künstler nachts in Sardinien Feuerräder produzierte. Er tat das weit weg von den Restaurants und erhöht, vermutlich auf einer Terasse.

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  3. Pit · July 31

    So ein Feuer ist immer wieder schoen anzusehen!

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  4. Nurul Fitri Lubis · July 31

    Beautiful shots, Peter. Happy camping…

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  5. Stella, oh, Stella · July 31

    How romantic, Peter! Fire is beautiful (and dangerous),but in this case beautiful.

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  6. Pure Glory · July 31

    Peter, your first photo of the fire 🔥 drew me into the rest of the story and photos. Enjoyed them. There is so much beauty in nature.


  7. Labby · July 31

    Traumhafte Bilder, ich kann mir den Sternenhimmel – den ihr beide beobachten durftet – so richtig gut vorstellen. Einfach phantastisch. Und ein Camper ist auch in der Nähe 😉 Liebe Grüße Wolfgang

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  8. Jodi · July 31

    so beautiful and poetic too!


  9. Robert Parker · July 31

    Wonderful shots of flames, particularly that first shot!

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  10. Su Leslie · July 31

    Lovely. The contrast of colours in the first shot is wonderful.

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  11. Amy · July 31

    Wow. These are absolutely magical. Fire is always fascinating. And I also was taken back to your meeting of Biene on a camping trip. 🙂

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  12. arv! · August 1

    wow! what a fun way to enjoy nature and weather. Don’t you guys have coffee to go with it? I love the first picture.

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  13. rabirius · August 1

    Fantastic. I like good “fire pictures”, because it is always something unpredictable to photograph.

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  14. Ann Coleman · August 1

    Those are amazing photos, Peter!

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  15. Des · August 1

    Must have been a wonderful evening, Peter. The flames against the night sky are really spectacular! Well done, my friend. Des

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  16. Ruth · August 6

    Flaming beauty is right. Breathtaking! Such a lovely part of the world illuminated by your fire photos.

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