The Wolf Moon

Last Friday the first full moon in 2020 occurred. The Full Moon in January is the wolf moon named after howling wolves, which may stem from the Anglo-Saxon lunar calendar. Other names: Moon After Yule, Old Moon, Ice Moon, and Snow Moon. I shot the video a couple of years ago and reprocessed with the iMovie editor. Enjoy.


  1. Stella, oh, Stella · January 15, 2020

    Wow, I guess you have quite a few wolves where you live. Sounds like many in the video!

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    • Peter Klopp · January 15, 2020

      Haha! It was actually a very quiet night. I added the wolves’ howling for a dramatic effect.

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  2. Pure Glory · January 15, 2020

    Peter, thank you for sharing this video. Blessings! Hazel

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  3. kopfundgestalt · January 15, 2020

    Danke, Peter!

    Ich habe übrigens mein 1. Youtube-Video über Insekten dort veröffentlicht. Es ist relativ simpel, ohne Zusatzeffekte.

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  4. Amy · January 15, 2020

    I also wondered if the wolves were really howling! Beautiful video. Now find some REAL wolves!!

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  5. Su Leslie · January 15, 2020

    I had no idea about the wolf moon. Thanks for sharing the story and video Peter.


  6. Clanmother · January 15, 2020

    How is the weather your way. Vancouver is snow and snow and more snow coming. Winter has come.

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    • Peter Klopp · January 16, 2020

      We are totally overwhelmed by huge amount of snow. And the bone chilling temperatures add to our winter woes.

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      • Clanmother · January 16, 2020

        Keep safe!!! Just heard from my brothers who live in the Edmonton area. Bitter cold there too.

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      • Peter Klopp · January 16, 2020

        I have been shovelling snow all day. It is still snowing, but it is supposed to get a bit milder on the weekend. Thanks for your concern!


  7. shoreacres · January 15, 2020

    That’s a fine video. I’ve never heard wolves howling, as far as I know, but I’ve heard coyotes, and it’s similar enough for me. About a year ago, there was quite a hubbub here over the possibility that red wolves had been found on Galveston Island — in my county. This Smithsonian article gives a brief overview.

    The next time I see a full moon and hear enthusiastic howling, I’ll surely think of your video, Peter.

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  8. · January 15, 2020

    Quite impressive your video, along with the wolves hauling you edited, how clever of you. You got all of as thinking that the wolves are around your neighborhood.

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  9. Sartenada · January 15, 2020

    Hello Peter.

    Wow. Very cool video; I love it. Thank you.

    Have a good day


  10. Ann Coleman · January 16, 2020

    Loved it! The photo was great all by itself…a little spooky, but also beautiful. But when you added the howling, it was just perfect!

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    • Peter Klopp · January 16, 2020

      If you ever need a sound effect, go to It’s free. I am so glad you like the video, Ann. Thank you!


  11. The Cedar Journal · January 16, 2020

    Peter- loved the video. But, unlike others that commented I knew you had dubbed the howls. Hearing wolves in the wild howl at the moon is a bit different as it echoes off the crystal snow of a clear night with a full moon. When I grew up we had timber wolves in Northern Minnesota and when the Wolf Moon was out even at minus temperatures we would stand outside and listen. It is a sound that is like hearing a loon call.

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  12. arv! · January 17, 2020

    These names are new for me. Thanks for adding information.

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  13. Steve Schwartzman · January 19, 2020

    You did a good job in getting the audio to bolster the video.

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