Brief Visit to Biene’s Studio

Wednesday’s Photos

While the weather feels miserable and the clouds hang depressingly low, it is best to focus on some creative indoor activities. Thanks to the many encouragements from my blogging friends, my wife has been very busy with her rock paintings. The floors are covered with old and new artwork. Here is but a small sample. Enjoy.



26 thoughts on “Brief Visit to Biene’s Studio

  1. Peter, these are great! It would be fun to place a few in the yard where they’re not immediately noticeable. They would probably scare the heck out of a neighbor’s dog or cat who didn’t see them at first. Biene is so talented!

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  2. I love her art. It is hard to have a favourite, but I especially like the racoon family and the eagle. And like Amy says, the way the shape of the stone fits the animal … or is it the other way round? is amazing. Maybe she sees the animal when she looks at the stone?

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