Splendour of the Arrow Lakes

Wednesday’s Photos

Week 2 of Bud Development Study

As one can clearly see, there has not been much change during the past week. The main reason for this slow development is that the night temperatures were still dipping below the freezing point and most days were sunny but very cool. It seems to me that nature does not follow the human calendar, but rather takes clues from her environment, such as temperatures, length of the day time, perhaps even the angle of the sun. I am looking forward to some significant progress next week.

April Week 1 Text

April week 2 Text
Rose                                             Lilac                                       Magnolia                                    Azalia

Bonus Photo: The First Crocus


I hope you all had an enjoyable and worry-free Easter Weekend.



24 Replies to “Splendour of the Arrow Lakes”

  1. And sometimes temperature doesn’t make as much difference as length of daylight. I’ve had plants begin to grow, bud, and sometimes even bloom when I thought it was entirely too cold for them. What do I know? Not as much as the plants, that’s for sure!

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  2. Love the photo of the flower. If it is anything like Alaska, the blooming of the buds will happen quickly. We still have much snow and at least another month before the budding comes. But here once the buds swell on the trees, they open quickly. But it is still winter, although the swans have started migrating through our area. I am sure that next week, you will see more progress in the buds. Have a great day, Peter!

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  3. Beautiful sunny color on the crocus. In your other photos, the absence of change over a week seems pretty surprising, but interesting idea to track this. Well, we’re expecting some sunshine tomorrow, and 40’s=50’s F. this week, so things should begin to pop! Thank you for posting this study, it’s interesting. 🙂

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