Ernst Klopp (1900 – 1964) – Part 4

Wedding Bells and Return to Agriculture

With assistance from his Freikorps organization, Ernst Klopp continued his training in agriculture. In 1923 we find him working in the Magdeburg area. From 1927 onward, he worked as administrator at Neuhof (former Pomerania) in the Schlochau County, at the estate of his sister Anna and brother-in-law Ludwig von Waldenfels.

Ernst Klopp circa 1927

In the fall of 1927 after the sale of the Neuhof property, Ernst found temporary employment at an estate in Quastenberg near Burg Stargard. [photo wiki]. In 1928, he moved into the family hotel of his sister Jula and and her husband Friedrich Steuer in Diensdorf at Lake Scharmützel.

In the same year on June 5, he married Erika Klara Else Kegler, who lived in Stolpmünde, Pomerania, 20 Willan Street. Erika Kegler (my mother) was born on March 24, 1899 in Grünewald, Neustettin County (Pomerania). She was the daughter of the Protestant pastor Carl Kegler (September 22, 1860 – June 15, 1919) and his wife Elisabeth Kegler ( August 13, 1868 ß September 14, 1948). Her forefathers had lived in villages around Obornik north of Posen (now Polish Poznan).

Carl and Elisabeth Kegler, Grünewald, Neustettin County (Pomerania)

On March 6, 1929, Ernst and Erika,s eldest son wad born in Stolpmünde (now Polish Ustka) at the Baltic Sea. In the same year through his wife’s family connections, Ernst was able to link up with the Protestant Inner Mission and its institutions in Belgard, Pomerania (now Polish Bialogard). The complex together with a large-sized farming area stretched in northwestern direction on either side of the Köslin Stree on the road to Kolberg.

My mother Erika Klopp circa 1927


  1. Amy · July 10, 2020

    Your mother was quite beautiful, and it looks like she resembled her mother.

    Liked by 1 person

  2. Stella, oh, Stella · July 10, 2020

    Amy is right! You must have inherited your good looks from your mother … 😉

    When reading this, I think that it can be very fortunate to be a member of such a large family as the Klopps. I mean, if one is in need, there is always somebody, who can help.

    Liked by 1 person

  3. Robert Parker · July 10, 2020

    What a nice portrait, your mother looks lovely.

    Liked by 1 person

  4. Peter, as a photographer, I really enjoy all those old photographs, your mother’s portrait is just beautiful. Myself I have a full box of old photographs of my parents, lots of my mother, did I tell you that my mother is from Koenigsberg, since you are talking about Pommern. Have a great weekend, Peter and Biene

    Liked by 1 person

    • Peter Klopp · July 10, 2020

      Unfortunately, so many photos have been lost during the e flight from the Red Army in 1945. It looks like we have our roots in the eastern parts of Germany that is now either Polish or Russian. You too have a wonderful weekend, Cornelia!

      Liked by 1 person

  5. Edda · July 11, 2020

    Ich finde die Ausführungen über Deine “roots” auch sehr interessant,Peter, obwohl es für mich nicht immer leicht ist, den Überblick zu behalten,klar!
    Die Fotos liebe ich.Das Foto von Deiner Mutter ist sehr schön, wir kennen es ja schon, genau so das von Carl und Elisabeth Kegler.
    Ganz herzliche Grüsse!🙋


  6. Ann Coleman · July 12, 2020

    I loved the portrait of your mother! She looked beautiful and kind.


  7. Steve Schwartzman · July 14, 2020

    You’re fortunate to have a portrait like that one of your mother.

    Liked by 1 person

  8. Peter Klopp · July 14, 2020

    One of the few photos that were rescued on the flight from the Red Army in 945.


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