Natural Splendour of the Arrow Lakes

Wednesday’s Photos

Near and At the Hart Creek

The Hart Creek provides almost all of Fauquier with fresh mountain water. It originates in the Valkyr Range southeast of our community of some 200 people. Many of the mountains tower over a vast area with a respectable altitude of over 8000 ft. In my younger years, I would take my boys up to Mt. McBride, where after a six-hour strenuous hike we could relax and enjoy the fantastic view. Sometimes, we would even set up camp and stay a day or two in the alpine meadows above the tree line. Today I present to you five photos near the mouth of the creek from a recent evening walk with my wife. Enjoy.

31 thoughts on “Natural Splendour of the Arrow Lakes

  1. When I noticed Hart Creek begins in the Valkyr range, I got curious. The name reminded me of the Valkyries of Norse mythology. Sure enough, when I poked around a little, I found that the Valkyr range is included in the Valhalla Range. Did some Norwegians come over for some skiing in that wonderful powder you have, and name the ranges? It certainly is a beautiful spot in summer.

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    • I do not know but it is definitely worth checking out. There were other early explorers who had an penchant for anything related to the devil. Quite a few mountains carry its name, such as Satan’s Peak, Devil’s Spire, Diabolo etc.


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