Natural Splendour of the Arrow Lakes

Wednesday’s Photos

More Tall Grasses and Beauty in the Thicket

The Alberta rose had her hay-day, the creeks are adopting a more tranquil tone, and the local golf course is busier than ever in spite of Covid-19. But Nature shows a more summer-like appearance now. The wild cherry trees are loaded, the Saskatoon berries are getting ripe and as reported last week my wife and I have been picking huckleberries, the wild relatives of the blueberry. Here is another set of recent photos I took when taking a leisurely walk with my wife along the edge of the local golf course. Enjoy.

19 Replies to “Natural Splendour of the Arrow Lakes”

  1. Hello Peter.

    What a great nature study! Lovely photos. When we were on road trip, we did find Cloudberries, which were ripe for picking. Exist them there where you live?

    Have a nice day!

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  2. The bounty of summer harvest is wonderful. Enjoy the huckleberry picking. Noticed your photo of fireweed. Here in Alaska, when it flowers at the top we have 6 weeks until we may see snow or cold temperatures.

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  3. Beautiful! Since you mentioned golf, it should be counted as the most social distancing friendly pursuit. Most self-respecting courses being upward of 150 acres, you will never have more than 1 person per acre on a golf course. No wonder they are booming 🙂

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  4. So many gorgeous photos, Peter! Like Peter, I really enjoyed seeing your beloved wife enjoying nature – in her lovely and colourful jumper. ❤


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