Natural Splendour of the Arrow Lakes

Wednesday’s Photos

Of Hops and the Joy of Raised Garden Beds

You will remember the video I presented on this blog that gave you some impressions of the simplicity of raised garden beds. At age 78 I strive to make things simpler, more efficient and ultimately more relaxing with gardening as one of the many areas of this lofty goal.

Weeding when needed at all has turned into a pleasurable activity. For the last four weeks or so my wife and I have been eating our own lettuce, beans, strawberries, with cucumbers and red beets recently added to the delicious mix of fruits and vegetables. As a bonus I added another photo of the various hops plants, which are beginning to develop those cones that are responsible for the fine refreshing taste of a homemade craft beer. Enjoy.

37 thoughts on “Natural Splendour of the Arrow Lakes

  1. Peter, your garden looks terrific, everything is so healthy-looking. Last time I was visiting my folks, we thinned out the young beets and parsnips, etc. and I love eating the beet greens as much as the beets themselves. Your hops look great, too – -people have started growing them commercially in upstate NY again, after being absent for many years.

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  2. Peter, what a fine looking crop you’ve got going! You two are light years ahead of us in regards to gardening, but I hope we do better next year. And please remember to keep us updated on the craft beer progress.

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  3. Your garden is absolutely beautiful — as pleasing to the eye as I’m sure it is to your palate. It was fun seeing the beets, especially. I’ve always wondered why the beet greens are the first thing to sell out at the farmers’ market I visit. I’ve never had them, but between your photo and Rob’s comment, maybe I should figure out what to do with them, and give them a try.

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    • What a lovely comment you wrote! It really made my day. Growing a garden on raised beds is really fun. Initially building the boxes is the tough part and expensive to fill them with soil. Thank you so much for your compliment!

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  4. Your garden is so beautiful! Over the past several years, we’ve been traveling during peak growing season so, other than our blueberry bushes, we didn’t have a producing garden. This year, we got serious. Raised beds, hardwire cloth at the bottom to keep the gophers out, etc. I love the zen of caring for our garden… and the tomatoes, zucchini, and peppers aren’t bad either. I don’t really like bear, but I think hops are so pretty!

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    • The hops plants have an amazing growth rate. At their peak season they grow several inches a day. And their cones are very beautiful and have a wonderful aroma. I hope all goes well with your new garden this year, Janis.

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