Natural Splendour of the Arrow Lakes

Nature – The Greatest Artist

Let your eyes roam over a beautiful landscape and you will discover nature’s artwork in a stunning mountain scenery, in a cascading waterfall, in the undulating waves of the ocean, or in the small world of flowers and insects visiting them. Today, my focus is on the driftwood sculptures shaped by the natural forces like wind, sun and frost. These photos were all taken on a recent excursion to ‘our’ island. Enjoy.

33 Replies to “Natural Splendour of the Arrow Lakes”

  1. I remember you posted some similar shots in the past, I think it was in the evening and they were quite eerie! I don’t remember if they were from “your island” or not. I do like the pictures of these old driftwood tree trunks.


    1. I am fascinated by these driftwood beauties and I did publish the artwork of nature a few times before. The previous photos were not from the island we have recently visited. Thanks for your kind comment, Des!

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    1. The sad part of the driftwood here is that these creations are the result of the flooding of the valley in the 1960s. The stark beauty of the driftwood serves as a reminder of this tragic event in our valley.

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  2. Lovely images, Peter. My favourite is the first one with the inviting view over the lake to the mountains in the background. The shapes and forms of the driftwood are so impressive.

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