Natural Splendour of the Arrow Lakes

Nostalgic Projection of Spring Soon to Come – Part 2

The grass is starting to grow. The grey cover of our yard is showing a hint of green. The raised garden beds have been prepared for the spring season. Soon it will be the time for planting the cold weather crops. Our strawberries are getting busy developing their buds and promise a bountiful harvest. This is the second and final instalment of my excursion into my archives. Today I am focusing on daisies, violets, a tiger lily, and an unknown beauty. Enjoy.

A Beetle Wallowing in a Daisy’s Pollen
Violets in Astounding Profusion
An unknown Beauty at a Murmuring Brook
More Daisies Enhancing our Region’s Beauty
Wild Tiger Lily Captured in a Forest Clearing


  1. Ruth · March 31

    Splendor is the word. Lovely Peter

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  2. Stella, oh, Stella · March 31

    Schöne Blüher sind das! Und eure Erdbeeren haben Knospen? My strawberries are showing one measly green leaf each, that’s it … 😀
    The unknown beauty could be a “mimulus guttatus”, if the flowers are really small. As your photo is of such a good quality, I used my plant identification App (free of charge called “LeafSnap”), which gave me several results, only this one was the one that resembled most.

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    • Peter Klopp · March 31

      Vielen Dank, liebe Birgit für deine Bemühungen! Ich habe bei Wikipdia mimulus guttatus gefunden und die Blume sieht der von meinem Blog verblüffend ähnlich. Einfach toll wie die App LeafSnap die Blumen identifizieren kann!

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  3. Amy · March 31

    Our daffodils are starting to sprout, and the trees show signs of budding. I am so ready!

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  4. floresphotographic · March 31

    I don’t think I have ever seen a beetle like that! The ‘unknown beauty’ is also unusual, I haven’t seen a plant like that either. Interesting.

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  5. Robert Parker · March 31

    Beautiful colors. And that beetle is an interesting-looking fellow!

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  6. Pure Glory · March 31

    Peter, thank you for sharing the beautiful flowers from your archives. It is lovely to anticipate the flowers. So enjoy looking at their bright colors! Happy Springtime!

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    • Peter Klopp · April 1

      Hope that you will soon experience warmer weather.

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      • Pure Glory · April 1

        I am looking forward to it. We have had snow storms with travel warnings the past 3 weeks. It is snowing now. It will melt by the end of April or early May. Happy Resurrection Day!

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  7. Labby · March 31

    Hallo Peter, das sind ja wieder traumhafte Blumen- und Blütenfotos. Bei euch scheint das Frühjahr schon weiter zu sein und Gänseblümchen, Veilchen, Tigerlilie stehen in voller Blüte. Liebe Grüße nach Kanada. Wolfgang

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  8. crowcanyonjournal · March 31

    Nice pictures, Peter! I think we went from Winter to Summer this year, skipping Spring. 85 degrees today!

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  9. shoreacres · March 31

    I don’t know much about beetles, but I recognized this one as a flower beetle. The antennae are the clue. Here’s a photo of a different species that has that same sort of club-like end to the antennae. I’ve caught a couple luxuriating in pollen just like this one is.

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  10. kopfundgestalt · April 2

    Könnte ein Trauer-Rosenkäfer sein, Peter!

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  11. Steve Gingold · April 3

    Love that polleny beetle on the daisy. Like you, I am quite eager for the return of spring and summer flowers to marvel upon…and photograph.

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  12. PlantsandBeyond · April 6

    Just wow. This should brighten my day.

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  13. Ankur Mithal · April 18

    Astounding. Thank you for sharing Peter! The wealth of the natural world.

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