Natural Splendour of the Arrow Lakes

Wednesday’s Photos

Arnica Flowers at the Kalamalka Lake

Last week my wife needed to visit the optometrist for a new pair of reading glasses. We travelled west, and on the way to Kelowna. We stopped at the outlook parking spot on Highway 97 south of Vernon. The spectacular sight tempted me to go beyond the dedicated area. I climbed down a steep embankment where I enjoyed looking at several unobstructed landscape scenes. The icing on the cake were several clusters of arnica flowers covering the dry hillside of the Okanagan Valley. They cover like floral carpets large areas of the hills west of our Arrow Lakes. Enjoy.


  1. arv! · April 28

    some amazing pictures here. Looks like weather is awesome, now


  2. Labby · April 28

    Hallo Peter, für uns Leser hat sich dein Ausflug zum Optiker gelohnt. Da hast du uns ja traumhafte Bilder mitgebracht. Liebe Grüße und Gruss an die Frau Gemahlin. Wolfgang

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    • Peter Klopp · May 1

      Danke, ich habe deine Grüße weitergeleitet. Sie arbeitet viel an ihren Bildern, die sie bei Flickr der Welt zum Anschauen anbietet.

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  3. Amy · April 28

    Gorgeous photos, Peter! I assume arnica gel is made from arnica flowers?

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  4. Pure Glory · April 28

    Beautiful and tranquil photos, Peter. Thank you for climbing down the steep embankment to capture this photos for us to enjoy!

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  5. Stella, oh, Stella · April 28

    Spring is coming, beautiful photos (what does a photographer not do to get the photo exactly so … right? 😉
    And Arnica flowers, one of the best medicinal plants. We use the arnica massage oil for overstrained muscles. I thought Arnica was a plant from the warmer countries, and there it is during spring in Canada.

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  6. shoreacres · April 28

    One of my herbalist friends uses Arnica regularly for her arthritis and strained muscles; that’s where I first heard of the products and the flowers. What great fun to see the flowers blooming in one of their native locations — and what scenery beyond them!

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    • Robert Parker · April 29

      I was given a rub with Arnica in it, for sore muscles, and darned if I don’t think it works!

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    • Peter Klopp · May 1

      The arnica cream should only be used externally. My understanding is that the flower is poisonous.


  7. Beautiful carpets of Arnica , you have captured here, Peter, I always enjoy your splendid images.

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  8. Jane Lurie · April 29

    Gorgeous spot, Peter. The Arnica flowers provide a great foreground. Your fourth composition really caught my eye- love the balance, the zigzag layering of the landscape and the welcoming colors.

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  9. Robert Parker · April 29

    Lovely shots, Peter. I’ve never seen Arnica growing wild, it’s nice!

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  10. Bama · April 29

    What lovely and calming photos, Peter! Just perfect for us to set the mood for the weekend.

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  11. Steve Gingold · April 30

    These images were worth your scramble, Peter. And you found so many nice perspectives for the view. Good use of the various foregrounds.

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  12. kopfundgestalt · May 1

    Ein grossartiger Ausblick, Peter! 🙂

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  13. I used to know someone in Austin named Arnica Grace.

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  14. Hephzibah · May 2

    So beautiful this place is!!

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  15. Beautiful flowers Peter.

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