Natural Splendour of the Arrow Lakes

Wednesday’s Photos

One Minute Walk around our Yard

A few days ago, I made this video from a few photos that I took while walking around the yard. Due to a long period of very cool weather, nature was way behind compared to other areas in North America. Now Nature was playing catch-up. Mild temperatures and plenty of sunshine greatly assisted in getting the flowers and fruit trees to show off their splendour. Enjoy.

19 thoughts on “Natural Splendour of the Arrow Lakes

  1. What pleasure to see your flowers — and those developing garden beds. Are you harvesting anything yet? It looks as though there might be some herbs ready for picking, but I can’t quite tell. The photo of the pink blooms against the sky and clouds is perfect!

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    • I am so glad you liked the video, Linda. The raised garden beds have lettuce plants. They are almost ready for picking the first tender leaves for a salad. In the other beds you saw our strawberries which I planted last year and should provide an abundant harvest this year.


  2. What a splendid garden you have, Peter, everything is bursting in it’s blooming. You are mastering your videos, along with beautiful music, does it start with Mozart Violin Konzert? I love classic music, because of being German I grew up with it. Thank you for sharing , Peter.

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  3. So much beauty you have in your yard, Peter. That was a delightful tour with some wonderful musical accompaniment. Most of our flower beds are directly in the ground but our vegetables grow in raised beds such as yours. No more wrestling with a rototiller.

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