Natural Splendour of the Arrow Lakes

Wednesday’s Photos

Birds in our Yard

For some posts, I do not have to go very far. The photos that I am putting on display today have been captured just a few metres from our backdoor. Word spread quickly among our feathery friends that there are delicious and nutritious sunflower seeds in bird feeders and also on the ground left behind by messy eaters. Some birds like the chickadees make their presence known with the cheerful chirping all year round. Others like the grosbeaks are just travelling through on their long flight to more northern regions. Some are mere summer guests. Prominent among them are the aggressive but adorable hummingbirds. If you stand under their feeder they swoop down on you like dive bombers only to veer off at a right angle at the last second. Enjoy.


  1. shoreacres · May 19

    I have both birds in the second photo at my feeders, too. I *think* the reddish one is a house finch, and the other is a white crowned sparrow, but I’m easily confused with sparrows and finches!


  2. Amy · May 19

    Grosbeaks are among my favorite birds. These are great captures of these beautiful birds.

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  3. Robert Parker · May 19

    A colorful bunch, nice!

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  4. Stella, oh, Stella · May 19

    So beautiful, Peter. Is it not a joy to watch the birds? I am always amazed that there are hummingbirds in Canada, as my believe was that they were tropical birds, but one lives and learns.
    The two on the second photo look like some kind of sparrow to me. The grosbeaks we also have in Denmark, but they are only at feeders in heavy winters and only near wooded areas, not so much around agricultural areas. They are beautiful birds as well, all of them are! Nature’s variety is amazing!

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    • Peter Klopp · May 20

      When the hummingbirds arrive here in theinterior of BC we know that spring has truly sprung.

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  5. Pure Glory · May 19

    Wonderful photos of the birds. Good to know they are right in your yard so you can enjoy them, without taking a trip.

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  6. Amazing captures Peter. I know how challenging it is to photography birds, especially hummingbirds. They are frolicking in the blossoms of the banana trees in front of my apartment, but never hold still for more than two seconds.I hang a basket of fuchsia’s in the tree at my eye level, hoping my camera can catch them sometime.

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  7. kopfundgestalt · May 20

    Wonderful photos, for sure!
    These animals are skilled fliers that they can do almost anything.
    In addition, they certainly need very little time to assess situations.

    Kind regards

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  8. floresphotographic · May 20

    Such beautiful colours.

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  9. Steve Schwartzman · May 20

    You did well in getting close pictures of these birds.

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  10. Ann Coleman · May 20

    Those are lovely photos, Peter!

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  11. Ankur Mithal · May 20

    Maybe it was not the seeds but news that a gracious gent is clicking portrait pix that brought them over 😉 Preening is allowed to all species, isn’t it?

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  12. arv! · May 22

    Availability of food in your backyard will always ensure steady flow of birds, Great pictures, as always. Enjoy the great weather.

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  13. Steve Gingold · May 24

    Nice birds. I am envious of the Evening Grosbeak, Peter. We used to have them visit our feeders but that stopped a while ago and there are much lower reported number of them lately.

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  14. tanjabrittonwriter · June 4

    What a lovely array of avian visitors. I hope they will continue to bring you cheer.

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