Natural Splendour of the Arrow Lakes

Wednesday’s Photos

Wildflowers at the Lookout

Last week I postponed the presentation of wildflowers that were blooming at our lookout south of Fauquier BC. Now that the summer has officially started and a major possibly long-lasting heat wave is upon us, I would like to share with you the images of the wildflowers I captured on June 10. I do not know the names of the flowers on pictures 2 and 5. Perhaps the two Steves who have an outstanding knowledge of wildflowers can help me with the identification. The first photo with the daisy also shows the Arrow Lake in the background giving a clear idea of how high the lookout is above the lake. I discovered the bee on the tigerlily only after processing the image. Enjoy.


  1. Labby · June 23

    Hallo Peter, eine traumhafte Flora und Fauna. Wunderschöne Blütenfotos. Die Tigerlilie kannte ich nur in rot. Liebe Grüße Wolfgang

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  2. Robert Parker · June 23

    Lovely wildflowers, I’ll check back to find out what the plant in the last photo is, that’s great.

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  3. Steve Gingold · June 23

    Aside from the daisy and tiger lily, which may or may not be the exact name, I am stumped on the others. We are in such different areas that I am sure those are species we don’t see here. But they are all lovely and I wish we did.

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  4. shoreacres · June 23

    What lovely photos, Peter. I think your second photo is a species of yarrow; perhaps many-flowered yarrow, which is listed as an Alpine variety. The last photo seems to show spreading dogbane, which also is listed for your area.

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  5. arv! · June 24

    Lovely flower pictures. Heat wave in your region? That’s something new for me.

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  6. Amy · June 24

    Gorgeous! Thanks for sharing!

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  7. Stella, oh, Stella · June 24

    Wild flowers are so beautiful! The second one is, what we call in German Schafgarbe. I am impressed that you have tiger lilies growing wild, but then you also have colibris … 🙂

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    • Peter Klopp · June 25

      Many thanks for the information, Birgit! I looked up Schafgarbe and it is yarrow in English.

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  8. Steve Schwartzman · June 25

    Those are pretty flowers. It’s good you got them all identified, something that’s not always easy.

    I hope some of your wildflowers thrive in hot and dry weather the way quite a few do in Texas do.

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  9. kopfundgestalt · June 25

    Especially the last flower looks nice!

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  10. Ankur Mithal · July 6

    Beautiful! We read about the unprecedented high temperatures in your part of the world. 40+C. Unthinkable!


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