Natural Splendour of the Arrow Lakes

Wednesday’s Photos

Rain, Rain, and More Rain

Cold and rainy weather has plagued our region for the past four weeks. Last week, still recovering from major surgery, I ventured out to look at the low water level of Arrow Lake. BC Hydro expects massive water pouring in from the spring run-offs. So it drained the reservoir down to the lowest allowable level. Many of the tree roots of the flooded orchards are visible. They serve as skeletal monuments against the devastating flooding of the valley more than half a century ago. Using the dark clouds, I attempted with some post-editing to create a sombre atmosphere that underscores the dark mood that the roots spread over the eerie landscape. Enjoy.

18 thoughts on “Natural Splendour of the Arrow Lakes

  1. Good to see pictures of beautiful landscape in what seems like great weather. Out here we are experiencing an extreme hot climate with temperatures soaring between 42-46C.

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  2. I’ll confess it — in our hot and dry weather, all of these photos look eminently cheerful and pleasing. The same procedures are followed here in advance of flooding rain or hurricanes; man-made lakes that receive flow from the rivers have their levels dropped. That’s when fishermen go out and plot the location of underwater hazards that aren’t otherwise visible — especially for those without sonar or other such devices.

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  3. I love seeing water smoothed wood. I hope you have a speedy recovery and are soon feeling the benefits, Peter. It’s great that you feel well enough to get out to enjoy such an atmospheric place.

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  4. Well worn weathered wood is always a pleasing subject and these are very interesting examples of driftwood. I like the way the sky is opening above the wood in number 4. Nice shots of these waterside woods, Peter.

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  5. The mood in your photos is very stark, Peter. These crazy weather patterns everywhere are so concerning. While you have had cold and rain, it has been hot and dry here. The thermometer reached 90 degrees yesterday and tonight it’s snowing. So many plants and animals will suffer from these extremes. 😢


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