Our son Richard and Granddaughters Azure and Emeline

Day 1

The day started out with a bacon and eggs breakfast that my granddaughters had specifically requested that I would prepare for them. Biene had to go off to work at eight, while we continued eating our breakfast in stages. Then I had an excellent learning session with Azure, who became my student and teacher in French. While Richard took Azure and Emeline to the lake, I cleaned up. Biene had prepared a large pot of vegetable soup, which I heated up for lunch. When Biene returned from work at three o’clock, I had a big pot of coffee ready, while Biene served her home-made chocolate ice cream. Emeline enjoyed hers very much, as it is clearly written all over her face on some of the pictures below.

2 thoughts on “Our son Richard and Granddaughters Azure and Emeline

  1. Hallo,ihr Lieben! Vielen Dank für die schönen Fotos-die beiden Mädchen sind ganz süss!Alle werden eine erlebnisreiche Zeit bei euch haben.Sie werden ja so liebevoll verwöhnt.Das leckere Essen würden wir uns auch gerne gefallen lassen.Grüsst alle herzlich von uns !! Ganz liebe Grüsse auch an euch! Edda und Dieter

    Von meinem iPhone gesendet


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