Chapter 30 of the Peter and Gertrud Klopp Story – Part VI


Peter finally Breaks his Silence

July 2, Calgary

Dear Biene,

I cannot let you wait any longer. You are like me. You speculate and worry more than it is necessary. Today it was extremely hot again, and yet I had to work for eleven hours. We have to catch up now on the time we lost during the rainy days. But it is not because of my extreme tiredness after work that I did not write to you. The true reason is far more important.

Today, since I know for sure that fate wanted it differently, I can tell you about what happened. Every day I had been waiting for a special message from you. And when you wrote on Monday about your experiences on the Island of Juist and you asked me to write how I was doing, I was already a little concerned, but in spite of your urgent plea I decided to wait for just few more days. But then today on Friday I lost all hope that you actually received my previous letter.

On the German or Canadian side a letter carrier must have stolen it perhaps assuming that it contained something valuable. I am so sad, for he was right. In it I described to you that on the 18th of June, a year and a day after our first date a brick had fallen on my knee and that I was limping to the jeweler’s store. There I picked up the ring I had ordered for you. You can easily imagine the rest of the story. I wanted to give the ring to you, because I was convinced that you truly desired it with all your heart and everything you wrote afterwards was only a renunciation mixed in with painful regret. I saw you in my mind how it first you were perhaps a little angry with me, but then at the end how gratefully and happily you would have acknowledged the receipt of my precious gift. Yes, I am sad that the letter with the ring apparently is lost, but I console myself with the feeling of having turned a good thought immediately into action. Whatever happened on the postal route was beyond my control and we had to accept the bitter fact that the letter was lost.

For more than four weeks Biene and I tried in vain to track down the letter that had gone astray. Obviously it was almost impossible to locate a piece of mail, which I had failed to send by registered letter. After I provided all the particulars, such as type and size of the letter, postage paid and the date, on which I had put the letter in the mailbox, even the thorough and efficient German Post Office was unable to help. Suddenly a ray of hope entered our hearts when I pointed out the possibility that perhaps because of the extra weight and because of insufficient postage the letter had been sent by surface mail, and therefore was still on its way to Germany. This thought occurred to me when I checked the mail I had received from my friend Hans, who had never sent his letters by air. They often took more than a month to arrive. But by the end of July that last glimmer of hope had completely faded. We had indeed resigned ourselves to not seeing the letter with the engagement ring ever again. Besides other things were pressing heavily on our mind. During the long, desperate wait for each other’s reply it became abundantly clear to us and then, when we had resumed our correspondence, even more so that we needed to end our separation much sooner than originally planned. However, shortening the wait time meant that I had to have something concrete, on which to build our romantic aspirations. To find a meaningful job or to enter the teachers’ training program at the university these were the options I was contemplating.


Then a letter arrived that looked strangely familiar. And familiar indeed it was, because it was the missing letter with the ring. In my excitement to fulfill Biene’s wish and dream and perhaps my attention numbed by the pain from my swollen knee, I had forgotten to write Germany on the envelope. Now had Canada Post promptly returned the letter, Biene would not even have noticed the small delay of a day or two. But the overly zealous employee tried to be helpful by second-guessing its destination. To him Velbert sounded Dutch, Elisabethstr. appeared to be British. So our dear postal employee concluded that the country in question had to be South Africa. Thus the letter had traveled half around the globe all the way to Johannesburg by air and had come back ever so slowly by surface mail.

Exactly two months after I had originally mailed this precious letter I put the unopened envelope into a larger one, added a passionately written letter and forwarded it all to Manchester, England, where Biene had already been working as an au-pair girl at the Landes family for a few weeks. But I am getting too far ahead in my story and I must regretfully leave her reaction, her work and her studies for another chapter.


16 thoughts on “Chapter 30 of the Peter and Gertrud Klopp Story – Part VI

    • I am happy that you enjoyed the story of the missing letter. It is rewarding for me that you and other blogging friends take a liking to a true love story. Originally written just for the family, I felt the story has a universal appeal and therefore should be shared. Thank you very much for your kind comment!


  1. Peter,das ist ja kaum zu glauben – der Ring ist wieder aufgetaucht und das in dem Moment,als du die Hoffnung aufgegeben hattest,ihn je Biene schenken zu können .Er war doch dein Versprechen an Biene,daß ihr zusammengehört..
    Wenn das kein Zeichen war…..
    Und der Weg,den der Ring zurückgelegt hatte,ist unglaublich!
    Wie kannst du nur einfach mittendrin aufhören-wo doch jetzt die ganz große Frage auftaucht,was sagt Biene,wie reagiert sie und wie geht es weiter..👍
    Bin sehr gespannt auf die Fortsetzung!
    Liebe Grüße an dich und Biene!!

    Liked by 1 person

    • Liebe Edda, wie ich in meinem letzten Post angedeutet habe, ist Biene in der Zwischenzeit nach England gereist, um sich in einem Haushalt in Manchester ein wenig Geld zu verdienen. Dort hat sie dann auch den scheinbar verloren gegangenen Ring erhalten. In der Zwischenzeit sind andere Dinge geschehen, die ich meinen Lesern nicht vorenthalten möchte. Vielen herzlichen Dank für deinen lieben Kommentar!


  2. Dass Du den Brief wirklich noch zurück bekommst, damit hätte ich auch nicht gerechnet, lieber Peter. Ja, das war ein Wink des Schicksals, dass Ihr auch mit Umwegen doch zueinander finden solltet. Ich freue mich, dass es so gekommen ist und warte schon auf die Fortsetzung. Schönes Wochenende nach Canada, Mitza

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  3. Peter, I have been eagerly anticipating this story. It is amazing how the letter circled the world. Yours and Biene’s love has grown stronger with all the frustrations and delays. So glad that she got the ring. I’m sure you sent the second letter with the ring by registered mail. Looking forward to your next chapter.

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    • Looking back into these turbulent events, although extremely painful at that time, Biene and I are grateful now, since as a result of this ordeal we were able to get together much sooner than planned. Thank you, dear Bun, for your kind comment!

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