Nature’s Beauty at the Arrow Lake

Our Summer in Pictures

Although our Beautiful British Columbia had been plagued this summer by a terrible heat wave and dry spell causing devastating wild fires,  our community was lucky. The few fires caused by lightning were quickly put out. However, the smoke in the air was often so dense that one could  not see the mountains across the lake. In spite of the eerie gloom in the air, there were moments when nature granted glimpses into its amazing beauty. 




31 Replies to “Nature’s Beauty at the Arrow Lake”

  1. beautiful gallery, dear Peter. You have wonderful landscapes and nature in BC, I saw it myself once. Our weather has been much too cold and rainy this year, today very stormy.
    Have a nice day, kind regards Mitza

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    1. Thank you, Mitza! I feel honored when people like you who have very artistic blogs find words of praise for my humble beginnings in photography. I hope you will have some sunshine soon in the corner of your world.

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      1. Don’t hide your light under a bushel, dear Peter 🙂 I will fly to Greece soon and there I will get some warmth and sun what I missed here all summer long. Yesterday we had a severe storm. Kind regards Mitza

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    1. Well, then it is high time for another visit, Crow. Do it, while the American dollar is still strong. Have you tried on your previous visit the amazing Rocky Mountain Highway from Banff to Jasper? It is absolutely fabulous.

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      1. Yes, we visited both Banff and Jasper and also stayed a few days in Calgary. From Alberta we drove to Vancouver and stopped at Revelstoke which is about the closest we got to your Arrow Lakes area. I remember renting a canoe on Lake Louise and cruising on Lake Maligne. I didn’t take many photos that year, though — I was experimenting with a Sony video camera in those days. Very low resolution. Nothing like the digital cameras we have today!

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      2. The area south of Revelstoke with its magnificent scenery is definitely worth another visit, especially for someone like you being a passionate photographer. You would also enjoy the many hot springs on your way down to Nelson.

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  2. Natur ist nicht alles,aber ohne Natur ist alles nichts!🍁🌼🌺🌹🌞🌝
    Wunderschöne Fotos,Peter!👍
    Herzliche Grüße von uns an Biene und an dich.

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    1. With improved forestry practice nature around where we live is on the road of recovery. I have never seen so much diverse wildlife 40 years ago. Eagles and osprey were on the verge of extinction. Now they are everywhere.Let this happen on the entire planet and it could be saved. ???

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