Natural Splendour of the Arrow Lake

Wednesday’s Photos

Fungi, Seeds and Berries in Winter

Last week our focus was on the amazing shapes and forms that Mother Nature can produce in the winter. Today we are having a look at the inherent beauty of seemingly dead plants, such as fungi, seeds and berries. Again I present five images to you. I would like to find out which ones my readers like best. Although always welcome and appreciated, no comments are necessary. I numbered the photos, so it would be easy to give a quick personal assessment. Just use three numbers in the order of your preference. Have fun! Enjoy!


Fungus Covered Branches
1) Fungus Covered Branches
Berries for the Picking in the Dead of Winter
2) Berries Ready for the Picking in Winter
Cattails over a Frozen Pond
3) Cattails above a Frozen Pond
Delicate Ground Fungus
4) Thriving Ground Fungus
Fruitful Branches over the Arrow Lake
5) Seed Pods over the Arrow Lake

You can also view my photo stream at Photos are taken mostly from the Arrow Lakes area. Simply search for Peter Klopp under people.

Last week’s evaluation produced a rather peculiar result. All photos were equally liked judged by the dozen or so entries, with the exception of #1, which did not seem particularly to please any of my followers. Perhaps Africa surrounded by ice was not a very appealing idea. FB users were notably absent from last week’s contest, because WordPress failed to alert my FaceBook followers.


59 Replies to “Natural Splendour of the Arrow Lake”

    1. Thank you for your thoughtful evaluation! While I do not know the name of the blue berries, they are not blueberries. They apparently stay on the bush in a two-year cycle. I will ask my wife for the name.

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  1. -ausgewähltem Objekt, muss es heißen! Für mich ist Dein English so faszinierend, daß ich das Deutsche verschleife. LG Ruth noch einmal switchend between swedish -, german- and english speech.

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  2. Each has it’s merit, but 4, 5 and 3 are my favorites, in order of preference. I noticed that the moss looks very similar to what I find on our property. I like the theme this week, Peter, and you’re a very talented photographer.

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  3. Dear Peter again you have brought out the perfect & clear color of each picture you know how to capture every thing so well.
    my favorite one is number 1. but I love every one of the pictures, hard to pick one.

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    1. I was not sure and I did not want to publish anything false. So I appreciate all the more for coming to my rescue. I will pass it on to the lady in Alaska. Thank you very much, Cornelia!


      1. Cornelia, you were quite right, these berries were Juniper berries and are used in sauerkraut and to make gin. My wife told me, so it must be true. Haha!


  4. Hallo, Peter!
    Meine Favoriten sind 1,3,4 !
    Du hast ja hier unendlich viele Blogger ,Wahnsinn!
    Wie geht es Dir?
    Wir grüßen Dich ganz herzlich.👋👋👋

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