Chapter 41 of the Peter and Gertrud Klopp Story – Part III


Paving the Way towards a Brighter Future

Peter’s Last Letter before Biene’s Arrival in Canada

March 25th , Calgary

My dear Biene,

I remember very well the time when I wrote you the first long letter. Just like three years ago I am sitting in the warm spring sun and hope that it will bring some warmth into my lines.

Your birthday letter has reopened the locked chambers of my heart with power and might, and a flood of new ideas is pouring out about our near future, our little apartment, our weekends in the city or at the lakes in the mountains. With so much joyful tension and anticipation I can barely concentrate on my studies and I am longing for a break from my intensive work.

Only at night time I am still being plagued by ‘nightmares’, which constantly warn me against the wedding soon to take place. They whisper threateningly that we both don’t have the assurance of the heart to throw ourselves into such an adventure. But in the light of a new day I always return to my confidence and trust. I have been searching deep within me and often discovered that the very weaknesses I had attacked most fiercely in you lie also hidden in me. You were in deep trouble, almost in a state of desperation. There weaknesses emerged in a way that greatly disappointed me. But after some time through self-discovery I was able to understand them. I wished you wouldn’t worry about this my disappointment any more. In the atmosphere, where nobody dictates what our happiness should look like, let us work on the healing of soul, spirit and mind and let us try to overcome our weaknesses.

I am little ashamed that you are a bit afraid of me. Perhaps I have sometimes given you cause for such fear through my seemingly cold behaviour. Perhaps you even believed that your father’s illness could provide the answer to my last urgent question. Now that I did not receive any reply,  I had to assume of course that you are sticking to your original plans. In the meantime your parents will have received my letter, in which in very kind words I have adopted your and your mother’s position and reassured your parents that you would not be in any kind of danger. I hope my letter will contribute to alleviate their fears. I also wrote that I was sorry if they felt insulted by my letter last Christmas. Hopefully you will understand that I could not apologize for what I had written. The strength to overcome my reluctance to write and to fulfill all your wishes came from the returning trust that from now on everything between us will develop normally and we two will forget the ‘sick’ period of the last three months. Should we not learn to trust each other, then spiritually speaking we will have built our relationship on sand and I will have no more hope. I am looking forward to make a little paradise out of our apartment. We will achieve this with love, imagination, and our skilful hands.

Thanks for the many kisses. It’s too bad that I was only allowed to imagine them and did not receive them right away.

Please write when the plane arrives in Calgary, so I can pick you up.

Greetings in love

Your  Peter

32 thoughts on “Chapter 41 of the Peter and Gertrud Klopp Story – Part III

  1. Peter,ich habe gerade ein paar Zeilen gelesen, die sehr treffend für Eure damalige Situation sind, finde ich:

    Wie stark die Bindung zwischen zwei Menschen ist sieht man erst daran, wenn sie einander nicht haben
    und sich trotzdem über alles vermissen..

    Das könnte direkt für Euch geschrieben worden sein!
    Herzliche Grüße..👋👋

    Liked by 2 people

    • Da hast so recht mit diesem treffenden Zitat, liebe Edda. Da gibt es auch noch ein englisches Sprichwort, wenn auch ein bisschen vage: Distance makes the heart grow fonder. Vielen Dank, liebe Edda, für deine lieben Worte!

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  2. Hi Peter, I understand Biene’s wanting to give some of her family’s history to balance out situations that have been portrayed in your blog. Some of their reactions may seem defensive or overly-protective, especially by today’s standards, but I know they stem from a great deal of love and affection for their daughter. Like some of the other readers have said, we will follow the wonderful story, either way! Des

    Liked by 1 person

    • Oh, thank you for your understanding in the matter of choice, Des! I will carry on with Wednesday’s photos, add a sequence in German on Albert Schweitzer and publish another historical manuscript by a late local artist and writer. Then I will decide how to continue with our family story. Thanks again for taking such in active interest in my blog, Des!

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