The Splendour of the Arrow Lake

Wednesday’s Photos

Mountain Adventure with Michael

With the wildfires still raging in many parts of BC our son Michael invited me to a trip on his ATV to a nearby mountain range between Burton and Nakusp. Apart from the magnificent scenery we also for a few hours escaped the dense smoke down in the valley and breathed in the clean and invigorating mountain air. Now less than a week later the long expected rain has finally come to the Arrow Lake region and brought much needed relief from the smoky conditions. Enjoy the video.


44 thoughts on “The Splendour of the Arrow Lake

  1. How lovely, Peter! 😀
    We sincerely enjoyed the video and this great outing with you and Michael. 🙂
    I see that you have problems posting your posts on Facebook. I’m not sure why, what has been changed in your settings. I posted this post on my Facebook account and it worked very well. Hope you can solve the problem!
    Take care,
    lots of love from the Four of us in Cley,
    Dina-Hanne xxxx

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    • Thank you, Hanne, for coming back to me on this problem with FB. WordPress informed me that my posts will no longer be automatically connect to FB. It needs to be done manually. Now I found the answer by just entering my website address into my home page at FB, whenever I would like my latest post to be seen.
      I am so happy that you like the video of my mountain trip. Have a great day!

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      • Maybe it works if you scroll down to the end of your post and press the Facebook button? That’s how I do it. Then you have the opportunity to write an introduction and the proper link to your post appears??
        Wishing you a lovely evening! 🤗👋🏻


  2. So wunderschöne Natur habt ihr um euch herum! Die Rocky Mountains würde ich sehr gerne einmal erleben … seufz. Ich darf das Video meinem Mann nicht zeigen, dann will er auch so ein Gerät haben … 😉 😀

    Die Pflanzen mit den weissen Haarbüscheln sehen interessant aus, was ist das denn?

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    • Leider weiß ich den Namen für die Wuschelköpfe auch nicht. Ja diese Maschinen gehen durch dick und dünn. Wir haben damit auch einen Bach überquert. Diese ATV Fahrzeuge heißen hier nicht umsonst off road vehicles. Herzliche Grüße! Peter


  3. I bet it felt good to get out and breathe some fresh air for a change! It’s finally starting to clear up down here as well. Glad you got to spend a nice day with your son. Very nice pictures and video, Peter!

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    • Thank you, Bun! We are indeed blessed with a spectacular surrounding. No wonder we fell in love with this beautiful corner of the world. More than half of our entire life we have spent here.
      Welcome back to the Klopp family blog! Biene and I were truly worried about you. Biene always asks if you had written another comment. Glad to hear that you have solved your problems, Bun. Hopefully, one day you will be able to come back to your own humorous blog. We are missing your witty contributions.

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