I am back

After spending a wonderful week at the coast visiting our sons and family and a two days’ excursion to the Pacific Ocean in Tofino, I am back to blogging again. I would like thank all my followers for their understanding for my inability to write comments during this break. 


Chesterman Beach at Tofino, BC, Canada

24 thoughts on “I am back

  1. Welcome back! 🙂

    I would like to tell u a story: When I was in Vegas some 20 years ago I ecactly used this phrase after the woman at the bar came back. She didn’t understand. I repeated it. Again she didn’t understand. A kind visitor of the bar helped me out and said broadly “Welcome back”. For me it was a terrible experience: My first few words in an english-speaking country and I wasn’t understood.

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  2. Welcome back, Peter! I will be traveling up to Vancouver Island later this year and plan to spend a few nights close to Tofino (we couldn’t find a place to stay there so we’ll be in nearby Ocluelet). I’m looking forward to experiencing that beautiful scenery!

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