I am back

After spending a wonderful week at the coast visiting our sons and family and a two days’ excursion to the Pacific Ocean in Tofino, I am back to blogging again. I would like thank all my followers for their understanding for my inability to write comments during this break. 


Chesterman Beach at Tofino, BC, Canada


  1. thecedarjournal · March 31, 2019

    Welcome back. I am sure it was an energizing trip for you and your family.

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  2. Pure Glory · March 31, 2019

    Peter, good that you and Biene had a break enjoying your family and the beautiful coast. Welcome back to the blogging world.

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  3. Pit · March 31, 2019

    What a fantastic beach!


  4. Stella, oh, Stella · March 31, 2019

    I trust you both had a great time with your sons … 🙂

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  5. Ruth · March 31, 2019

    What a lovely place for you to be. Know it was a wonderful time away. Glad to see you back, Peter

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  6. kopfundgestalt · March 31, 2019

    Welcome back! 🙂

    I would like to tell u a story: When I was in Vegas some 20 years ago I ecactly used this phrase after the woman at the bar came back. She didn’t understand. I repeated it. Again she didn’t understand. A kind visitor of the bar helped me out and said broadly “Welcome back”. For me it was a terrible experience: My first few words in an english-speaking country and I wasn’t understood.

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    • Peter Klopp · April 1, 2019

      I had a lot of such embarrassing moments, when the phrase I used did not fit the given situation. Thanks for sharing this with me, Gerry!

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  7. GP Cox · March 31, 2019

    Not to worry, Peter. I’m just thrilled you had a good time and to see you back safe and sound!!

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  8. Jodi · March 31, 2019

    welcome back! glad you had a wonderful family time!

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  9. Peter I’d like to call this image ” The Eternity” . Thank you for coming back. Liebste Gruesse von Cornelia

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  10. Ulli · April 1, 2019

    Schön, dass du wieder hier bist und gleich mit so einem wunderschönem Sehnsuchtsbild 🙂
    herzliche Grüße

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  11. Su Leslie · April 1, 2019

    So glad you had a good break Peter. Welcome back.

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  12. Amy · April 1, 2019

    Yay! Welcome back, and it sounds like you had a wonderful break. We all need them now and then.

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  13. rabirius · April 1, 2019

    Welcome back!


  14. Ann Coleman · April 1, 2019

    Welcome back, and I hope you enjoyed your family time!

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  15. RetirementallyChallenged.com · April 1, 2019

    Welcome back, Peter! I will be traveling up to Vancouver Island later this year and plan to spend a few nights close to Tofino (we couldn’t find a place to stay there so we’ll be in nearby Ocluelet). I’m looking forward to experiencing that beautiful scenery!

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    • Peter Klopp · April 2, 2019

      Yes, Ucluet is an excellent alternative to the expensive Tofino. Enjoy your visit to the West Coast!

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  16. PlantsandBeyond · April 1, 2019

    Welcome back, dear Peter. Visiting family could be rewarding and could be a positive reminder to cherish peace of your own home even further 🙂 Nevertheless, welcome back to your blogging family.

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  17. Nurul Fitri Lubis · April 2, 2019

    Welcome Back, Peter..

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  18. arv! · April 2, 2019

    welcome back!

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  19. Markus @ POINT BLANK · April 2, 2019

    What a wonderful beach. That colors and lights… ..very special. Hope you enjoyed your break.

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  20. Sarah · April 3, 2019

    What a beautiful beach! Welcome back, Peter! 😄

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