Peace on Earth

A YouTube video posted by my blogging friend GP Cox touched my heart to the core. It made me break my Christmas pause I had announced earlier. It is my hope that if you agree with the message of peace you will also repost the video and thus help to spread its powerful message.


  1. GP Cox · December 26, 2019

    What a wonderful sentiment to accompany this video. Thank you, my friend for being you!

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  2. · December 26, 2019

    Thank you Peter for sharing this it is a message for the world to be seen and heard of.

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  3. Amy · December 27, 2019

    I saw this on GP’s site and loved it also. I did wish they’d included the lyrics the German soldier had been singing.

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  4. Steve Schwartzman · December 27, 2019

    You may be aware of the recent opera based on this event:

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  5. Ann Coleman · December 27, 2019

    I saw this on his blog too! Thanks for sharing it, Peter. I believe there was a play about it too?

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  6. Stella, oh, Stella · December 30, 2019

    This was on my mind for the last days, Peter, and I am in two minds about it. I had heard about this before, but the film clips make it more real.
    On the one hand I find it wonderful that they could have that moment of simple human togetherness, but on the other hand I cannot grasp how they could shoot at each other again the next day after this. But then, I have never been in a situation like that, of course.

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