Biene’s Rock Painting III


Today I present a few of the other animals of my wife’s rock paintings.  In many cases, she had been able to cover the entire rock thus making use of the form of the rock to bring out the shapes of the animals. Today’s pictures include a wolf, a cougar, a loon, a deer’s head and a cat. Enjoy.


41 thoughts on “Biene’s Rock Painting III

  1. We saw something like this here at a local art gallery some years ago: paintings of slabs of rock, that took the structure of the rock surface in, too. Some, e.g., looked like the face of the animals came out of the rock. I liked those very much and I still regret that I didn’t buy one of a bison. When I looked at it I commented that it portrait the spirit of a bison.


  2. Biene has quite the talent for making rocks come alive with what she has painted on them. All the eyes are so realistic and have a warmth to them. Peter, I am glad you shared them with us. They deserve a wide audience to enjoy them.

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