New Look for the Klopp Family Blog

Switch to the Eighties Theme

It was time to make some improvements to my blog. I worked on the pages to make them more accessible. The pages created from the posts on my grandparents, uncles and aunts are now almost complete. Biene’s family still needs to be done. The German part of the menu has been revamped to allow readers to  locate articles more quickly.

I hope that you like the new look and I would appreciate to receive your feedback on the changes I have made. Have a great week!


32 thoughts on “New Look for the Klopp Family Blog

  1. I like the white background and the font. The menu is great—but I wonder how many people will not know how to find it. Is there a way you can label is at “Table of Contents” or something? I fear people will not know what the box on the upper left means. Or maybe it was just that I didn’t know and had to click around to try and find the categories. Overall, I do like the look!

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      • The widgets are hidden behind the button on the right. Normally they clutter up the posts and take space away from what is most important, i.e. the post. That was one of the reasons why I chose this theme. Thank you!


      • Thanks, Peter. I had already found them. Your blog, uncluttered and simple in its layout as it is, looks great. I myself can never get to such a design as I want ALL the widgets and buttons show up all the time. Which, in turn, makes for a lot of clutter. I’ve often been thinking of s=choosing a different theme, but have never been able to make up my ind.

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      • I tried to insert the word menu to the image next to the icon, but I have no control over where it will show up on the various devices people use. So I hope most people will know from past experiences what the two icons mean. Thank you, Pit, for your valuable comment!


      • “. So I hope most people will know from past experiences what the two icons mean.”
        Or, just like I did, simply click on them and find out. Once again: I like the simplicity of your new design.


  2. Good job, Peter! Everything looks great — even the menu and the calendar search! But I think you may have started something. I have been using the same theme for almost ten years now and it’s probably time for me to make some changes, too!

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    • Every once in a while we need to make changes – hopefully for the better. A woman often wants a new dress, even though her wardrobe is overflowing. So why not make changes to the virtual appearance of our blog? You may want to try the Libre-2 theme. Best wishes! Peter


  3. Peter, your new theme is attractive and easy to read with the black print on the white background. It did take a little bitbof searching to find the table of contents. However, i had seen the menu on the upper left on other blogs that was also not labeled. I agree with the previous comments that WordPress is not flexible. Congratulations on the new theme.

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  4. What a gorgeous photo! (Makes me wish I could travel, but obviously that’s something that will have to happen in the future.) And I like the new format for your blog! Good for you for taking the time to reorganize it. I haven’t updated mine in over four years, so maybe I need to think about that too!

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    • I use wordpress like you do. By paying an annual fee, the word WordPress disappears from your URL. You also have free access to a great number of professional themes, which you can change anytime. Of course, the extra features will cost you about $100. If you can afford it, it’s worth it. Have a great day, Ankur!


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