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Vacation 1942 in Gutfelde (Zlotniki) Part II


Report by Hartmut Kegler – Chart II a – III

Copy of the original German diary and transposition of the Sütterlin text by Dieter Barge

Bild Gutfelde 07a

Mit einem Speer warfen wir nach einer aufgebauten Zielscheibe. Dabei errang Jürgen in einer Runde 50 Abschüsse. (und bekam die Urkunde)

We threw a spear onto the target we had set up . Jürgen scored 50 knockdowns in a single round and received the certificate of achievement.

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Christian and Norbert Werner


A Newspaper Report on the WW I Journals of their Grandfather Friedrich Werner

Source Credit: Thüringische Landeszeitung (TLZ.DE); Photo: Foto: Conny Möller


Christian (links) und Norbert Werner bewahren die Tagebücher ihres Großvaters Friedrich Werner, die er während des Ersten Weltkrieges geschrieben hat.

Er war ein großer Mann, respekteinflößend, aber dennoch liebevoll und sehr geschichtsinteressiert. So beschreibt Christian Werner seinen Großvater Friedrich Werner. Der 62-jährige gebürtige Gothaer und sein Bruder Norbert Werner halten die Erinnerungen an ihren Großvater wach, der akribisch Aufzeichnungen zur Familiengeschichte, der Geschichte der Stadt Gotha und der Region, aber auch über seine Teilnahme am Ersten Weltkrieg angefertigt hat. Die Aufzeichnungen über seine Kriegserlebnisse, die er mit zahlreichen Postkarten, Fotos und eigenen Zeichnungen illustriert hat, haben einen Umfang von 480 Seiten. Dazu kommt noch ein umfangreiches Kartenmaterial von den Kriegsschauplätzen. Continue Reading →

Fauquier Historical Review


Fauquier Preempted in 1897 by Funk Brothers

Report by Late Mrs. W.L.Devlin

Text and Photo Credits: ALHS and Mrs. Annette Devlin

One of the new town sites on the Arrow Lakes, due to the Arrow Dam Reservoir, is at Fauquier, called New Fauquier . This name never got into real use (PK). It is situated above the high water line laid out on part of the farm land mentioned in the following article, written ten years ago.

Fauquier-Needles Ferry

Fauquier-Needles Ferry in the Early 1920’s with Large Orchard on the Fauquier Side

The new settlement is a modern village with sewers, lots and the streets all engineered to separate the residential areas from business and services area, to make an efficient and attractive community. We print this story as a tribute to the early settlers of this area and to wish them well in the new town.

Ferry Landing

Old Ferry Landing

Mrs. W.L.Devlin’s Report (1967)

Canada celebrates its centennial this year, so I will endeavor to relate the history of our community. Prior to 1895 there were no settlers in Fauquier. Trappers and prospectors built cabins and stayed for a while, then moved on. Names mentioned by old timers are P. Anders, Jim Kelly, Muirhead, Jim Bates and Dougelle, who staked a mining claim on Stor Hill. The little cabin he built near the beacon point is still standing.

In 1897 Leonard Funk and brother George came from the Okanagan and preempted two large blocks of land. They built a cabin by the lake and began clearing, cutting trees into the cord wood, which they sold to the CPR for use in their wood-burning boats. George Funk did not stay, but his brother Leonard carved a fine farm from the forest, planted an orchard and raised a large herd of cattle, becoming a fairly wealthy man. He did much to help his neighbors get established and was a prominent figure in community affairs until his death in 1935.

Two other settlers of 1897 were Mr. Mosheimer who stayed only a few years and Mr. Thompson who preempted a half section of land next to Mr. Funk. He also bought the mining claim from Dougelle. When his sons joined the army in 1914, the family moved away.

Jim Kelly mentioned previously homesteaded the original Fauquier farm. He sold to Muirhead who in turn sold to Mr. Fauquier in 1900. After acquiring three more lots Mr. Fauquier called his holdings the Needles ranch. This property he had surveyed into ten-acre blocks, the work being completed by A. H. Green in 1910. Part of Mr. Green’s payment was a choice lakeshore block, on which he built a summer home.

At this point it might be of interest to tell a little about Mr. Fauquier. He hired Indians to clear the land on both sides of the road, approaching the landing. He built a fine home hiring two Chinese to care for the house and the gardens. Incidentally, this house burned and the family moved to a little cottage on the north side of the road. In appearance, Mr. Fauquier looked like a country squire, florid face, and gray hair, neat clipped moustache always dressed in natty tweeds. He had fine horses and drove an elegant buggy with a fringed top.

He planted a large orchard and while waiting for it to come into production he put in acres of raspberries and strawberries. Between the sale of land, fruit and cattle, he should have been successful but his extravagance exceeded his income and he died a poor man in 1917. Mrs. Fauquier was a semi- invalid and recluse. After spending her last years in a wheel chair she died at Vancouver in 1929. Continue Reading →

Winter on Hasty Retreat in Fauquier



What a Difference a Week Can Make

A Walk with Biene in the Sunshine

After seven days of rain, drizzle and fog, the sun broke through the depressing cloud cover like a belated Valentine’s gift. Biene and I decided to take advantage of this unusually pleasant springlike weather and took a walk down to the boat dock and strolled along the beach, where the lake level is at its lowest level in decades.

Down at the Golf Course, the snow almost 1 m high barely two weeks ago had disappeared except for the grotesque sculptures left behind by the snow plows. The first Canada geese arrived and landed accompanied by their customary honking with a splash not far from the boat dock. Biene took it as  propitious sign, as she always does when she spots an eagle. Two eagles were soaring high in the sky. Further down at the beach many tree stumps attracted my attention and I could not resist taking a few more pictures of nature’s art work in the driftwood, which was sticking out of the sand. As a bonus for our long walk I discovered on a muddy stretch dozens of golf balls that were embedded in the mud, which we carried home. There, in Biene’s flower bed. we noticed the first daffodil pushing through the dirt. Spring is not too far.


More pictures of our excursion to the lake can be viewed at Flickr. To see them, all you have to do is click on the tab above the banner on the right.


Four Grandchildren of D. and E. Barge


Alessia, Frederik, Matti and Jonni

Chart II a – VI

Captured on Video by Dieter Barge

The family tree project is not just about our ancestors of whom we are indeed proud for their accomplishments. It also very much focuses on the living members of our family that are spread half way around the globe. Thus, the project serves the important purpose to get to know one another, to connect and to enhance the feeling of belonging together. I am delighted to be able to report that since our humble start at the end of last December I recorded more than 2000 hits indicating a high degree of interest among our family members.

While I have plenty of materials drawn from Uncle Günther’s Family Chronicle, from Eberhard Klopp’s ‘Brief an die Nachfahren’, from the archives of the Arrow Lakes Historical Society, from local archivist Annette Devlin, and last but not least my own collection of hundreds of letters, documents, videos and photos, I would like to continue to appeal to all of you to make contributions to the blog.

I am delighted to welcome some more information on the very youngest members, Frederik, Alessia, Matti and Jonni, grandchildren of Dieter and Edda Barge. On this YouTube upload you can see them learn, snack and play.

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