Karl Klopp and His Great-grandson Maxim

My Grandfather and Our Family (Chart I – V,VI)

Contributed by Johanna Pasdeloup

Even though Karl, my grandfather, is turning 86 this year, he still enjoys playing ball with his great-grandchildren Alice and Maxim. On our family photo little Maxim does not care about sitting still. He has better things to do and reaches out for Alice’s cheek.

One Reply to “Karl Klopp and His Great-grandson Maxim”

  1. Dear Johanna

    Your great-grandmother Erika is a sister of Edda’s grandfather Bruno ((see Chart IIa of “family tree”).

    With Hartmut Kegler I have reworked the “Bericht Gutfelde” from the July in 1942.
    It is about a visit of granny Johanna with her 3 children in Gutfelde, where lived Ernst Klopp with Erika and the children.The report is very interesting.

    We were pleased with the photos of Karl and your family.

    In the Chapter 6 of Peter Klopp we have read (with reports of Karl, Gerhard and Erika / Lavana), how the family Klopp fled their homeland. A terrible time!!

    Besides, I have read to my astonishment that Ernst Klopp was born in Wolmirstedt, there we have lived from 1980 to 1990!
    (I have worked in the potash company in Zielitz).

    Then they came one after the other at Günther Kegler in Erfurt and have the house Nonnenrain nr. 70 sought, instead nr. 17!

    In Erfurt I have lived from 1955 to 1980 and feel also as “Erfurter”.
    Uncle Günther has visited us there with Friedel, later also in Wolmirstedt.

    It is quite funny what there is for accidental connections.

    Peter and Günther look very similar!

    In Erfurt there was in 1970 a very emotional scene, when the peoples of Erfurt have called to Chancellor Willy Brandt in the GDR:
    “Willy Brandt ans Fenster”.
    This was at the hotel “Erfurter Hof” opposite the train station.
    Today the place is called “Willy Brandt-Platz”.

    Many greetings to your family

    from Edda and Dieter

    P.S. I send peter the link to video


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