The Kegler Grandparents

Carl and Elisabeth Kegler Part II

Chart II a – I

Adapted from the Kegler Family Chronicle

By their son Günther Kegler (1894-1986)


It was not an easy beginning for the pastor’s couple. Until 1901 six children were born. In addition to the already crowded household there were Frau Pastor’s parents, Mr. and Mrs. A.Mass with their two unmarried daughters dwelling under the same roof since 1895. Marie Mass died in 1900, Adof Mass in 1906, Klara Mass in 1908 and Hedwig Mass in 1919. All have been buried in Grünewald. The small village cemetery is now completely overgrown, and gravesites can no longer be recognized. The former Eastern Provinces have become Polish territory. Up to 1900 the household of the pastoral home consisted of twelve persons.

Worth mentioning would also be the fact that Grünewald was a church patronage, a designation for the privileges of the patronage master of the church. The acquisition of these privileges resulted from a donation of a building lot and the funding for the construction of the church. The patronage master had the right to be part of the selection process for filling a pastoral vacancy. The patronage master of the Grünewald parish was Christoff (popularly called the ‘Stoffer’) von Glasenapp at the Grünewald domain. Von Glasenapp originated from an old Pomeranian nobility, just as von Kleist, von Gaudecker and many others.

What can we say about Frau Pastor – or colloquially called ‘Fru Pastern, Fru Preistern’! We could summarize her description with a ancient Indian proverb:

Where mothers keep watch,

The gods may rest!

Whoever experienced her as mother, grandmother, church mother in the broadest sense, friend, acquaintance, leader of a steadily growing household, und much more, could not say anything better! No matter how often the children brought home friends for the holidays, nothing was too much for her! Amazed and in awe her children are aware of this, her descendants upon hearing stories about her will feel the same! Awareness and silence are in order and are worth more than a thousand words!


Here again, as for her husband Carl, you can read more about her in the eulogy from 1948 in the German section of this blog.

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